The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Bug Out Bag List

This is just my Bug-Out Bag and is not the only items you need I add items and take away as the seasons change. Every bug out bag should fit the person like a good pair of jeans. You should never use anyones idea for a bug out bag and not add to it, your bag needs to fit you and your needs. If you ask 100 people about there bug out bag I bet you would not find to list that were the same and thats a good thing.

Bug Out Bag1. The Pack – I have a Remington Glenwood Canyon Backpack but any quality pack with enough capacity will do. Stick with camouflage, dark green or black and other natural colors that blend with the terrain.

2. Water – A canteen with cup and cover for your belt, water bottle and a good water filter.

3. Fire – Waterproof matches, a magnesium fire starter and tinder and you should have a bic or two.

4. Food – Pack enough to last at least three days. Rice, oat meal, beef jerky, energy bars etc. Another option is MRE’s and the freeze-dried foods. Choose foods that are light weight and a suitable shelf life.

5. Stove – A small stove is essential if you want to stay hidden. Smoke and noise from the cutting and burning of wood would be undesirable if you are in hostile territory or being pursued. Small stove with fuel like the Peak-One is a great item.

6. Sleeping bag – If you are in a cold area a good sleeping bag could mean the difference between life and death. Or at least a good wool blanket and tarp.

7. Shelter – Rain poncho and tarp or compact tent, stick with natural colors that blend with the surrounding area. I use a camo tarp with tent pegs and some 550 para cord.

8. Cooking – A good mess kit, small and light is the best.

9. First Aid – It’s best to assemble your own kit, tailored to your needs. Don’t forget to add personal medications and other needed items.

10. Light – I have a 2-AA Cell Mini LED Flashlight Mini LED Flashlight, a cap light with red and white LED. Plus you will need some candles.

11. Tools – A wire or hand chain saw, Swiss Army pocket knife, and fixed blade knife. A light weight shovel and Machete are nice, but add extra weight.If you use a machete don't add the Ax to your list.

12. Clothing – At least two extra pair of socks and underwear and a change of clothing pants, shirt and a good hat is a must. And rain gear or poncho.
13. Small Fishing Kit– Line, hooks and sinkers and a few small lures. And any other items that would be good in your area.
14. Snare wire –  Small snare wire is a must to catch small game. You need at least 50 ft of 550 parachute cord.

14. Plastic bags – Two or three large thick mil lawn bags and several zip-lock sandwich bags, can be used for a number of tasks and to keep things dry.

15. Small Binoculars – See game and enemy before they see you.

16. Sewing kit – Needle and thread don’t forget to include a few extra buttons. And Dental Floss it works great to sew stuff up.

17. Small Tool Kit- Go as light as you can but have the needed tools and a leatherman is a must. Small ax is nice but adds to the weight.

18. Firearms – Everyone has their own idea of what the “perfect” survival firearm is or should be. This is my set up and I would hope you would have your own set up that fits you and your needs.
Glock 19 9mm on my hip with 1 mag in the gun and 4 more on my belt.
Ruger Mini-14 in my hands with 10 mags
Remington 870 12 ga in a gun scaber on my pack

Ammo in bag:
9mm-100 rounds
.223- 200 rounds
12ga- 75 shells (10-#7, 10 #4, 25-slug, and 30-00buck)

20. Extras- I always have hard candy, gum and few small packs of soup mix in my bag. And a note pad with pencil and pen to keep track of things. It is nice to have something to read like the bible or a survive guide just something to keep your mind going in the down time. A friend of mine has a Kindle in his bag with about 300 books on it and it's run time is over a month.

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