The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Aid Kit List

Here is the first list of needed items it covers the first-aid kit. Every ones needed are not the same so this kit is a base and you will need to build up your kit to fit you and your family.

(25) 3/4"x3" Adhesive plastic bandages
(10) Knuckle fabric bandages
(10) Large fingertip fabric bandages
(5) 2"x4" Elbow & knee plastic bandages
(10) 3/8"x1-1/2" Small plastic bandages
(20) Medium butterfly wound closures
(20) Large butterfly wound closures
(10) 3M 2-3/8"x4" Waterproof knee & elbow bandages
(10) 3M 1-1/16"x2-1/4" Waterproof bandages
(10) 2"x3" Non-stick pads
(10) 3"x4" Non-stick pads
(10) 2"x2" Gauze dressing pads
(10) 3"x3" Gauze dressing pads
(4) 5"x9" Trauma pads
(4) 2" Conforming gauze roll bandages
(1) 36" Triangular sling/bandage w/2 safety pins
(6) 3M Small Tegaderm transparent dressings
(2) 3M Large Tegaderm transparent dressings
(24) Aspirin tablets
(80) Ibuprofen tablets
(24) Extra-strength non-aspirin tablets
(24) Antacid tablets
(24) Antihistamine tablets
(12) Motion sickness tablets
(100) Alcohol cleansing pads
(20) Antiseptic cleansing wipes (sting free)
(12) Castile soap towelettes
(2) Triple antibiotic ointment, 1/2 oz.
(4) Burn relief packs, 3.5 gm.
(4) Insect sting relief pads
(12) Povidone-iodine infection control wipes
(2) 3"x5 yd. Elastic bandage wrap w/2 fasteners, latex free
(2) 3M 3/4"x7 yd. Clear first aid tape roll
(2) 4"x5" Instant cold compress
(4) Sterile eye pad
(1) Eye wash, 4 oz.
(2) 36"x84" Emergency blanket
(6) 2"x2" Moleskin squares
(2) Lip ointment packs, .5 gm.
(1) Sunscreen lotion, SPF 30+, 4oz.
(6) 2400 Calorie emergency food ration bar
(12) Emergency drinking water pouches 4-6oz.
(2) Box of waterproof matches
(2) 6"x11/16" Finger splints
(20) Medium #2 safety pins
(20) 3" Cotton tip applicators, sterile
(1) Digital thermometer
(2) Medication canister
(10) Exam quality vinyl gloves
(1) Deluxe scissors, stainless steel
(1) Deluxe tweezers, stainless steel
(1) EMT Scissors
(1) Good Sharp Knife
(1) Adventure Medical Kits Suture Kit with extra sutures
(1) Good wound care kit
(1) Sam Splint
(1) 100' Para Cord
(1) Dental Kit
(1) A good first aid book like the U.S. Army Special Forces Medical Handbook

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  1. wow, thanks for posting this. i printed this out!