The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Got This Question In An E-Mail

I have a question for you;

What are you going to do about those around you that want to partake in your efforts when SHTF? I'm talking about those people around you that have dismissed you and your efforts. Those (friends and family) that didn't bother to prep at all. I'm conflicted; while I understand God says to help others, do unto others, etc. How can I possibly give my resources over to those non-preppers, when I am worried about my own kids?

I tell my friends and people around me the same thing, If you don't prep and say things like, "I will just come over to your house if the collapse hits" My response is please do come over I will need lots of compost for the garden and if you show up at my home or retreat after the SHTF you will be of no use to me even if you are a good worker and have great skills. After the collapse is the wrong time to wake up and see the light. I tell all my friends and family to prep and stock up on needed supplies and only two or three of them have started the others are fools and I will not help a fool or a lazy person. I think that most people will never start to prep because it would make them look at the possibility that there little world of fun in the sun and trips to Disneyland would and could come to an end. Most people will never let the idea of doom and gloom enter there world. The sad thing is the day the collapse hits it will be to late to do anything. I prep to survive and I hope you are doing the same thing and if you have a stash of supplies and the collapse hits when your non-prepping friends show up my advice is to turn them away. It's funny how people think just because you have more than you need they have the right to share your extra food. It's the entitlement way of thinking, you have lots of food and water and your friend with her two kids that never prepped but you told her every week for years to do so now shows up and tells you that you have to help her because it's the right thing to do. So what do you do? How can you turn away a woman and her two kids? This is something that we may have to do after the collapse. And I'm sorry but if it comes down to me and my family or an outsider and there family it's not even a choice, my family comes first. I know it sounds cold but this is my way of thinking and this is why I don't let people know where I live or where my bug out location is. After the collapse you will see very many people who have no food or water and you can't help them all and if you help one group or family they will be back to ask for more and may even come back with a group of fools with guns to take everything you have. You have to think outside the box and think of your survival and the survival of your loved ones.


  1. God DOES say to help others, specifically the widows and orphans, but that doesn't mean it's a free ride for anyone who shows up. 2Thess says if you're unwilling to work, don't expect to eat.

    He also instructs us to look to the ants, to see how they prepare during the summer so they can eat during the winter.

    There will be people that I help...but again, that doesn't mean it will be a free ride for all.

  2. The writer's question has two answers within itself: ".. those who've dismissed you and your efforts..."; these will also find themselves dismissed, and without effort.
    And, "...God says to help others..." to whom I also say, God had me try to help them already: weren't they warned? Weren't they advised to get ready for what is so close upon us? Do they think God had 'me' prep and not tell them to do the same?
    Just as the foolish bridesmaids who had no oil for their lanterns missed out on the wedding, so will those who've failed to prepare for SHTF action.
    It is not my responsibility to prepare for those who are unwilling to prepare for themselves, especially after being warned.
    Those who are too poor or frail to be prepared is a different story, though. I will give out 'care' packages to the poor- one time. I will help the aged and infirm, but I will not support them indefinitely. Except my parents- I owe them a debt I can never repay. (Chucklng... well, maybe I should change that: they brought me unwillingly into this world and...) (just kidding)
    Shy III