The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Giveaway!!!!!!!

Reader's Digest Household Hints and Handy Tips (Hardback)

Here is how to win the book, post a response to my question and get your name into the hat.

Here is the question:
With all that is going on in the world with the economy, wars and the riots all over the world what do you think will be the trigger point to the coming collapse? And when do you think the collapse will start or has it already started?

Give me your feedback and good luck!

Product DetailsPaperback: 480 pages

Publisher: Readers Digest (Copyright 1988)

Language: English

ISBN 0-89577-276-0

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  1. Pete, you've been running some amazing giveaways this year! Thank you so much for being such a generous blogger.

    I think there are a number of possibilities for what will trigger our collapse. I think a very likely possibility is that foreign entities will simply call in our more money, no one willing to finance our debt. Can you think of an easier/quicker way to remove America from being a world power than by not financing us any longer? The ensuing chaos, inflation, want, is scary to think about.

    I can envision political upheaval as well. Right now, we're all hedged against each other Us vs. Them......the atmosphere is so tense with classes, races, parties at each other's throats. It scares me to think what will happen when that thin veil of civilization/humanity is torn.

    I sort of believe we're already on the road to can't have overwhelming debt that you can't repay and NOT have repercussions. I'm not sure if it's going to be abrupt......or long, slow and drawn out. Either way, it's going to be ugly. Got preps?

  2. I believe it has already started, trigger point was the uprisings in the middle east. Next will be an attack on Israel, coming in May, and the US is now talking about putting boots on the ground in Libia. Oil prices continue to rise, and the US economy can not withstand the increase in gas prices at the pump, even if Geitner thinks we can. We're on a water slide, you start out slow with the first leap onto the slide and build up momentum as you near the bottom. Prep Baby Prep!

  3. I think we've been edging towards it for a couple years but I think we're gathering steam at a faster pace now. In July when the new state budgets are released and more welfare services are cut we'll see huge changes on a local level. Utilities are higher, so is gas, food, taxes etc. What will happen to the entitled generation raised on welfare when the welfare cuts start? They get desperate. That's when it directly affects all of us. I'm watching to see when the 'all is calm' message makes way for the 'better plant a garden or go hungry' message from main stream media :)

  4. I believe the collapse has already started. At the rate were going, its only going to get worse. And I believe that a trigger will either be political or economical revolt, or something like gun confiscation and the internet kill-switch. That's just me though.

  5. Well, like the other readers here, I believe it has already started, I don't know the exact tipping point for the trigger, could be the price of fuel, which almost everything hinges on, that keeps going up and up causing the prices of everything else to go up, namely food and other necessities. It might be out government cutting entitlements, I have to wonder how much our government is pushing us on purpose to make us finally lash out, then they have the perfect excuse to enact martial law, removing any remaining vestiges of our constitutional rights... I just don't know which thing will be the final tipping point, I just know we are heading toward it faster and faster, I am very happy to be living in an isolated area, when TSHTF, urban areas, cities and metropolitan areas are the last place I want to be. Of course, this is all heading toward a one world government, it's going to happen, it was written and prophesied a long time ago, all we can do is resist as best we can, try to be in a safe place to survive the turmoil of the changes, and pray, pray and pray some more.


  6. IMO, it started in late 1999 with the people of the US realizing that the stock market was just an inflated money machine for those with the power to drive it. Illegal shorting of the market back then is still going on today and those involved in it are driving the issue. IMO they said "Try to Stop Us" in 2008 when the DOJ and SEC tried to make it stop and they brought down banks/auto co/others... Only if the fraud in the market and govt can be nixed, will it be stopped. IMO, it wont happen and we will have to fend for ourselves...

  7. I believe it will be a banking collapse or the collapse of the US Dollar....could also be war in the middle east as things are not cooling down in that part of the world! So many reasons to prep! This book has been on my list to get forever, would love a copy! First time poster on your blog!

  8. Hi, New to your site... I think the collapse has been gearing up for awhile now... look at the banking scenario and the housing market and the untold millions of job that have left the country and continue to leave the country... the foreclosure rates, the unemployment rates, the increase in all of the government entitlements and the extreme entitlement mentality... the crazy behind the scenes manipulation of the silver market, the gold plated tungsten bars passed off as gold bars... the treasury bond auctions that are being sold from one hand of the government to the other hand of the same govenrment... the inflation that has already started, but is only just getting warmed up! the increase in all of the commodity prices.. the crashing value of the dollar against the rising value of gold and silver... Oh yeah, the situation is NOT sustainable! Just a matter of time and "THAR SHE BLOWS!" Not going to be pretty. Thanks for the website!

  9. I hope I'm still in time :) I realize that times are getting rough but I don't think we've started to hit anywhere near bottom. That will happen when the 44 million on welfare wake up one morning to find out that their foodstamp card doesn't work anymore. That's how I believe it will start and that the whole country will sink into chaos at that point. Runs on the banks, beg borrow and steal to pay the bills, assaults, etc