The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Urban Survival After The Collapse

This post is going to go hand and hand with my last post, staying under the radar after the collapse. No matter what type of collapse it is staying under the radar and out of the site of other people is vital to your survival. Lets all remember that all signs of activity can lead people to your location. Something as simple as an item being moved around from one place to another. Any signs of life or activity can tip people off to the fact that your there or someone has been there. Let's remember going into this collapse 98% - 99% are not going to be prepared. There's going to be a great number of people out there who are starving, looking for shelter and medical supplies and gear.
Suzie home maker and her friend down the block might be the nicest people in the neighborhood, but after the collapse when the power is off, the foods all gone and dad never made it home from work. These women's basic survival instinct's will take over. Your no longer "Tom" the next door neighbor your now just another person who could possibly have food or water. Any one who is a hunter knows the last thing you want to do is get between a cub and it's mother. Believe me these soccer moms and other sheeple will do what ever it takes to get water, food and medical supplies. In a post collapse situation your first goal is for survival. One of the biggest keys to survival is staying low key and under the radar. The less impact you have on your surroundings the better your chance of survival. Just remember it's been two weeks since the collapse it's been a week since the grocery stores ran out of food the last thing you want to do is fire up the B B Q and draw every person with a nose within 10 miles to your location. Let's all remember that having all the food, water, medical supplies and survival gear on this planet doesn't amount to a hill of beans if you can't defend and keep what is yours. Just look back in history to the survivors in Europe who lived through the second world war. Being low key was the recipe for their survival. These people were like ghost's you would not have even known they were there and they lived on the same block as you. Keep up your prepping and stay low key with the prepping the last thing you want is the whole neighborhood at your door after the collapse. Keep to your survival plan and stay hard at work prepping. I feel it's about to hit the fan!!!!


  1. And some of us are hopeful that those soccer moms will do whatever it takes ... ;-)

    Sorry couldn't resist.

    Keep supplies on hand to distribute ... not much, and be very sure they know its not much. A pail of dried wheat. Here take a cup. Its all I've got to share right now. Etc. Then they know you don't have anymore because they have only seen a pail of wheat.

    Otherwise be prepared to live a lonely, hunted, haunted existence. You ready to shank a five year old? Ready to see your daughter's best friend starve to death in front of you?

    Put some extra aside and don't be stingy about handing it out when its really needed. Wheat can be had for $21 a bushel right now ... stock up some extra. Or be prepared to lose your humanity.

  2. Good post Pete but most if not all people will not head a warning, people are too confident that the .GOV will bail them out. Take Katrina for instance, it should have been a major wake up call to everyone but I am sure for most it is back to normal with no more than 3 days of food. Stupid is as stupid does...

  3. Hugo humanity will be lost the minute the Govt can't help.


  4. Hugo ,

    You'll never have enough food to feed everyone, so I guess you will also lose your humanity sooner or later.

    My opinion is that charity will be a violation of Op Sec and will result in the hordes coming to find you. I think you'll be endangering your entire family by doing this. What is the saying, the best fight is the one avoided? Just my $.02.


  5. That is a tough one to think about or plan for.
    I would like to think that as long as you lay low so to speak, you can avoid that problem.
    After all, I call it the stray theory, you put out some food for a stray, they will be right back the next day for more. Than it snowballs.

    "And some of us are hopeful that those soccer moms will do whatever it takes ... ;-)"

    I'm still chuckling. Although the wifey isn't.

  6. Gender makes such a difference in one's perspective.

    My first thought regarding the soccer moms is they'd be whipping little pink pistols out of their Dooney&Burke shoulder bags and capping some punks in their arses when they got too close to the minivan. Gotta protect their Toyota Sienna, afterall.