The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Test Run For "SHTF"

I have been thinking about running a test run for "SHTF" event. Take three days in a row and running a test with no water, power and only live on storage foods and water. I have even been thinking about doing the whole week, that's seven days of no power or running water and do a mini bug out test to our retreat location. I have been talking about this with a friend who I am working out a deal to use there land as a back up bug out location. They have a great place about 60 miles away from any big city. I think the town near them is about 10 miles away and has about 800 people in it. I would love to get out and cook with the cast iron and put the dutch ovens to good use. I don't know why people cook inside because the food you can cook in and with a dutch oven is so damn good. I plan to buy two more to have in a SHTF event they are the best. I use Lodge and have for years and if you take care of them they will last forever.
If you guys have any ideas for a test run or a good bug out scenario post it and let me know. And if you have ever done this before tell me how it went and what I need to look for.

And keep your eye's open I am about to run a great contest with a hand full of good items to give away. Just check back soon.


  1. Pete, practice definitely makes perfect. SHTF is no time to figure out how tab A goes into slot B...

  2. Pete,
    If you want to do this then do it right.
    Duc tape the freezer, fridge door and toilet lid closed. (ain't gonna be there).
    Shut off the main breaker at the box and pull the batterys out of the cell phones.
    You are otherwise just camping at home and you've learned nothing.
    Don't make it a "pretend scenario" or you're just kiding yourself and your family.
    When TSHTF it won't be a camping game..