The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's Up With The Lies!!!

I read every day the same bull from the news outlets about how things are getting better, like the unemployment rate is the same and not going up. WHAT? So let me get this right just because the unemployment rate is holding at a crazy point and not going up and the stock market is being played with so it looks good every thing is getting better. What a load of crap. I was at Andrea's Blog today Chicky-Bit Run at and she was talking about the price of food going up. Me and my wife was just talking about how every week we see the price of food going up slow so people don't see it as easy as if it jumped all at once. But the thing they don't see is a lot of people keep up with the price of food and can see when the price jumps even just a few cents. Here is a small part of the blog I saw today.

From her blog:

According to the PPI Report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, March saw the largest one month jump in food prices in 26 years! In it's sixth consecutive monthly increase, food prices rose 2.4%. Some of the 'startling' increases they report include:

Fresh vegetables up 56.1%

Fresh fruits up 28.8%

Eggs up 33.6%

Pork up 19.1%Beef up 10.7%

Dairy products up 9.7%

So what does it all mean? It means that $100 bag of groceries that you're buying this year will cost you $124 this time next year. Wrap your mind around that. If you spend $100 a week on groceries, you'll be spending nearly $1250 more this year on groceries! Twelve hundred and fifty dollars. It's frightening, isn't it? And what makes it even more frightening is the fact we can't avoid it. We can't opt out of eating. So what do you do? GARDEN my friend! Take up your trowel and get some dirt under your fingernails. Spend $25 dollars on seeds and reap the benefits ten-fold! Spend a little more for canning supplies and eat all winter on that $25 investment by preserving your harvest!

Great info.... So get your butt in gear and stock up on food now and start a garden ASAP. The collapse is near and we all need to be ready. Use your time as best you can, so look over the ads in the paper and buy when items are on sale make your money work for you and make it go as far as you can, and remember to use the coupons and look for stores that double them and shop on the days you get the best deal. Like someone posted a comment to my blog said a free can of soup is just that a free can, but think if over the next six months you can get two free cans of something every week at the end of the six months you will have 48 free cans of some kind of food. Use your options and shop smart you don't have to buy just Mt. House #10 can foods you can add many different kinds of food to store. Get to work and save your life and the lives of your family.

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  1. I got some sticker shock yesterday when buying some ground beef for an upcoming pot luck at the gun club. The price had doubled since the last time I bought some (last month).
    At the grocer, $40 of condiments didn't fill a small shopping bag.
    Damn glad I've got the garden to go in when the weather's right, there are fish to hook and wild critters to hunt. And that neighbor's pesky dog... well, meat's meat, ain't it?
    Shy III