The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

After The Collapse.......

So the shit has hit the fan and you have made it, but now the real fight to survive starts. You have a few skills but not as many as you like to have or need. So what do you do when you get sick and have no meds or no doctor? What will you or anyone do for help after the collapse? I read as much as I can and study as many skills as I can, and so should you. I was a EMT-D and I still know the skills I learned and I still work at the hospital and every time a doctor is doing something to a person I have never seen before I try to see it and some things I watch over and over because one day I may have to try to save some ones life and I need to know every thing I can learn. I go to every class I can at work to learn as much info as I can. I keep a large group of books that I read off and on and as I find new books with great info I get them and I know a time will come when we don't have power to use the world wide web to get info from so I will have my books to fall back on. I would advise you all to start a survival library to have on hand. I also find nice stuff on line but know I can't go to it if the web is down or we have no power so if I find something I like I print it out and file it in my survival file. I went out and got a file box to use just for great info from the world wide web. I want to have the hard copy on paper so I will have it if we don't have power or a working computer. So get to it and build yourself a survival library and READ IT!!!!! Don't just buy the books and let them sit on the book shelve never touched except to be put away. Bulid, plan, prep and survive!!!

From time to time I will post some good info to save in your survival file, here is one.

Soothing Tea for Heartburn
1 cup water
1 teaspoon grated licorice root
1 teaspoon chopped fresh ginger
1 teaspoon dried chamomile flowers

A) In a small pan, bring the water to a boil. Add the licorice and genger. Simmer 12-15 minutes.
B) Strain into a teacup and drink.


  1. Pete,
    I to am a former NR-EMT-D.
    As you know our training may put us miles ahead of most in initial care for a trauma victum but when TSHTF and we don't have a Hospital to transport to...? I fear we're just buying them time.
    I've accumlated some decent med supplies but the "What if's" are endless.
    I'd often get phone calls from neighbors seeking medical advice. I'd tell em if you're not bleeding or choking to death, broke a bone or are a PNB.."I ain't no Doctor"!
    It's kinda scary how people think our training is beyond Bleeding, Airway, Circulation.
    Ever given a thought to having to do an emegency Trach or Appendectomy? Of all the SHTF scenarios I can think of, that kinda shit scares me the most. You know what they need, ya can't pass em off and ya can't stand there and watch em die!
    I've prepared for such a nightmare but God forbid it should ever happen cuz "We ain't No Doctors"!!

  2. I agree I'm no Doctor and even after seeing 1000's of procedures and even helped with a small part of a few like hold this and push here type of things I in no way feel as if I could redo any of the procedures I have seen. But as you have said if you can't pass them on and you know they are going to die I think I would have to try something but only as a last resort for live over death. I do pray that the only thing I ever have to help with is cuts, scrap's, bumps and other small items. I do fear anything beyond my scope of training and hope the day never comes that I would be pushed into doing anything beyond it. And as you have said I'm no Doctor. I do think every one needs to get basic First-Aid traing and even EMT to have for after the collapse.