The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Strategies For Survival Before and After The Collapse

1. Have a Plan- A plan for survival is a must. Keep you plans simple at first and add to them as you get better prepared. Make a list of needed items and work on it, put the most needed items at the top of your list. Making your plans to complex can mess up your day in a big way, so keep plans to the point and as simple as possible and remember to keep back up plans the same way to the point and as simple as possible.

2. Know Your Surroundings- In your plan you need to have escape routes and back up routes. Alternate routes and plans to stay ahead of trouble after the collapse is a must. You need to have up to date maps of your city, town and state with the routes marked on them, but to remember to never leave your maps behind because in a SHTF event a maps marked with a full route is like giving a key to your house to a thief, so remember not to leave behind any clues to your escape route or any of your plans. And if your part of a group you should have a meet up point that everyone knows about before the collapse but you should have a back up to the meeting point.

3. Knowledge is Power- After the collapse your skills will be a big part of your power and 99.9% of the way you will make needed items. I do leather work, woodworking, carpentry, general handyman, first-aid, and EMT-D. I’m still adding new skills every time I can because every skill I have is one more thing that will add value to me in a SHTF event. Get out and learn new things to help with your survival.

4. Have a small BOB or Survival kit with you at all times.
The intent is for this kit to be very compact, portable (fits into a small fanny pack), relatively inexpensive, and provide the basics of food, water, shelter, and medical supplies for a few days.
2 - 3600 cal food rations
6 - 250mL water rations (1/day/person if water cannot be found)
1 - bottle water purification tablets (50)
1 - bottle potassium iodide tablets (14)
2 - emergency blankets
2 - plastic ponchos
1 - Good fixed blade knife
1 - magnesium fire starter
2 - Bic lighters
2 - Packs of waterproof matches
4 - 18 hr. heat packs
4 - 12 hr. light sticks
1 - signal mirror
1 - emergency flare
1 - flashlight/locator strobe
4 - AA batteries (for above)
1 - emergency whistle
1 - multi-function shears (like EMT shears with Swiss Army knife functions too)
1 - 100 ft. 550 para-cord rope
1 - Small pkg. toilet tissue
1 - Compass
1 - snake bite kit
4 - 4x6 field dressings
1 - 250mL sterile water (U.S.P. for first aid use)
1 - Tarp 8’x8’ or 10’x10’ in camo or green
1 - trauma pack (see below)
1 - first aid & meds pack (see below)

Trauma Pack
3 - 2" sterile gauze wraps
2 - 4" sterile gauze wraps
4 - 2x2 sterile gauze pads
1 - triangular bandage
6 - 4x4 sterile gauze pads
2 - 4x4 sterile burn dressings
1 - 3" elastic bandage
2 - blood stopper bandages
1 - cold pack
2 - 8x10 absorbent pads
2 - eye pads
1 - 1" waterproof tape
1 - pkg. wound closure strips
3 - pair of gloves
1 - Purell hand sanitizer

Meds Pack
20 -1x3 adhesive bandages
2 - ex. large bandages
1 - 4 oz. burn cream
1 - Small bottle of peroxide
3 - ammonia inhalants
10 - antiseptic towelettes
10 - hydrocortisone cream packets
10 - triple antibiotic ointment packets
1 - Chap stick
1 - Bottle of eye drops
1 - 1/2 oz. anti-fungal cream
10 - decongestant packets (2 tablets)
15 - ibuprofen packets
15 - extra-strength Tylenol packets
10 - antihistamine packets
10 - diarrhea relief packets
10 - Pepto-Bismol packets

5. Research- Find out if there are any government shelters, or locations where the government will try to rebuild or gather survivors to protect them in the event of a collapse. Remember you never want to become a refugee of FEMA or any other alphabet government group, so stay away from this kind of camps and food lines. Before the collapse like now check forums and search the Internet to find like minded individuals to learn advice, and help develop a plan of action and possible contact list of other survivors who can help you, but make friends very careful and tell no one about your supplies and survival plans. You can trust yourself, God and some family everyone after that you should question if you tell them or not. Remember you are making plans to save your life in a time that everyone will be out to help themselves and not care who they kill or steal from. Chose who you talk to with care.

6. Health- Stay in good health you don't have to have a perfect body, but the better shape your in the faster wounds will heal, your immune system will function better, your confidence will improve, and your ability to think clearly under stress will greatly improve. You should concentrate on strength building and endurance building exercises, such as running, hiking, swimming. Practice hiking with a backpack or " Bug Out Bag " to get your body used to carrying a heavier load. Make sure to eat right, this doesn't mean you can't have beer and hot-dogs, just don't go overboard. Get any needed medical work done now so that tooth that needs a filling and the new glasses you have been putting off should be on top of your list of things to do.

7. Order to Chaos- Start checking your preps and rechecking them as time goes by. I took a weekend and went step by step and checked all my preps and found things I didn’t even know I had. So do an inventory of your preps and update your list of needed items. This will help you to stay one step ahead with your supplies. You will find as time goes by you will add and take away items from you prep list and this checking will help with that.

8. Keep Your Cool- Will a collapse be extremely stressful, yes. Will you be tired from lack of sleep, be dehydrated, and afraid, very much so. However you need to keep your wits about you. If you are in charge of a group or family and you start to panic or crack what message does that send to the others, especially if those others are children. It will cause them to panic, once you and your group panic then stupid decisions are made, and those stupid decisions will most likely get somebody killed. Even if your ready to fall apart inside its vital to stay calm to keep your group calm who may be looking up to to protect and lead them.

9. Have A Way To Travel - You will need a way to get around other than your feet so have a back up like a bike or two and a cart with wheels like the ones you see at the Home-Depot or other garden stores. Don’t buy one, make one to fit your needs and make it strong to hold a good amount of weight. I plan to make one this summer and I want to make it to fit on to a bike. I want the cart to be able to be pulled by my bike. And remember if you have bikes you will need back up parts for them like tubes and chains and other items to keep them running.

10. Guns and Ammo - You need to have a few guns to keep what is your and a lot of ammo. I will not go into what guns you need because I will get 100 e-mails telling me that I’m wrong and crazy for thinking that way so I will avoid any of that trouble and just tell you I own guns and ammo and think the guns I have are the ones I need, so you need to get the guns you need to keep your family safe. And when you think you have enough ammo double it.

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