The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So What's Next????

Japan is on it's last leg and the nuke plants are about to melt down. And when the melt downs happen because I'm sure it's to late to stop them,(I could be wrong but I don't think we are getting anything close to the truth about the nuke plants in Japan) So will the wind and jet stream bring the radioactive particles right to the west coast? And if so what part of the went coast? I have plans in place for a bug out and I do have NBC gear with good gas masks. You can see the bug out in Japan already the potential for significant radioactive fallout over Tokyo, which has a population of around 13 million, has prompted some residents to flee the capital. Any widespread exodus would cause absolute chaos and would be worsened by the fact that the country is already trying to recover from a devastating earthquake and tsunami. As notes, the threat of radiation reaching the west coast of the U.S. depends, “Upon how high the cloud rose into the atmosphere. This is because the winds normally vary widely between the near-surface and the upper atmosphere, home to the eastward-flowing jet stream.” “Generally speaking, any radioactive cloud rising significantly into the atmosphere would travel essentially eastward and northeastward across the Pacific Ocean, eventually reaching North America anywhere between Alaska and California. The precise details as to timing and path taken would depend upon the state of the atmosphere at the time of the hypothetical radiation release.” were getting numerous reports from readers that stocks of potassium iodide, which is used to protect the body against the effects of nuclear fallout, are completely sold out across the United States. And if you do a check of U.S. websites you to can confirm that stocks are completely exhausted. I feel bad for the people of Japan and send my Prayers to them and at the same time I pray for this country because everyday this country is sinking. We are on the slow ride to Doom, with the dollar dying more everyday and the cost of everything going up our time to prep is very short. I tell you all to make a plan and stick to it, BUY FOOD, WATER, MEDICAL SUPPLIES AND OTHER NEEDED SUPPLIES SO YOU CAN SURVIVE!!!!!!! The world is falling apart and all we can do is ready ourselves to survive the collapse. Do like me and my wife put off your vacation or travel plans this year and put that money into preps, this idea is giving us an extra $1000.00 to use on preps and we will still take a short vacation just close to home and on the cheap, very cheap. Get to work!!!! And if you are already prepping then good job now step it up and plan and prep to survive!!

Keep your eye's open and your ear to the ground, because night is near and in the darkness there's a evil unlike any you have ever seen! Stand ready, be ready and survive!!!

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