The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Economic Collapse

Economic Collapse And How To Survive it!!!!

#1. Have a few guns and lots of ammo to go with them.....
a)One or two good handguns with 2500 total rounds for them is just a base, 2500 rounds for each would be much better.
b)A long gun for big game and to use as a reach out and touch that person that is getting to close to you home or retreat. .270, 30-06,.300,.308 or some other large cartridge.
c)A shotgun, two would be better one for hunting and one for CQC (Close Quarter Combat) The Remington Model 870 is great. You will need 1500-2500 round of bird shot and at least 1000 00 buck& slug mix but more is always better.
d) You must have a Ruger 10/22 and you must have at least 25,000 rounds but 50,000 to 75,000 would be better. And a second 22LR would be nice may I recommend a 2nd Ruger 10/22.
e) A good combat gun like the AK47, AR 15, M1 So-com etc....... But have one and have at least 5000-10000 round for it and if it need clips or mag get more than you need then double it!!!
f) Gun clean gear and parts for you guns are a must, because a broke gun is just a big ass paper weight!
g) Range time you have to know how to shot and use you guns!!!

#2 Food and Water
You must have food and water for the whole family to last one year plus. Then add extra items to your prep like comfort foods and candy to help with the crazy days ahead.
You will need 1800-2200 calories per day
One gallon of water per day per person(this is drinking and cooking and cleaning, you can use less)
Rice, beans, oats, salt, sugar, wheat, grains and other foods. Freeze dried food do great but cost more that doing it yourself.
Caned meats and eggs are a must. but hunting and fishing will play a part of this.
Just to have caned food is not all you need, you need to know how to cook with it and now is the time to learn not after the collapse!!!! So try it out and learn to cook with it.

#3 A way to Cook And Keep Warm
You must have a way to cook after the power is gone. So have not one way but three or four ways to cook and keep warm. Learning to use a dutch oven and cook outdoors is a must and oil lamps and candles are a must. You know what you need so get it!!!!

#4 Gold & Silver or Barter Items
Have a little of all three or at least silver and barter items. Some good barter items would be:
Rice, Beans, Sugar, Oats or other foods
Medical supplies
Have extra and trade well!!!!

#5 Skills
Survival skills are needed to survive in a post collapse world so if you have none, get some like, EMT, nurse, woodworking, welding, leather worker, mid-wife, handy man or many other skills. You skills will be your work in a post collapse world so the more you have the more you can do or work.

#6 Shelter or Retreat
You must have a place to call home. Never, never, never become a refugee because your life will not be in your hands it will be in someones who doesn't care!

#7 Seeds And The Knowledge To Use Them
You must have a seed bank to use after the collapse because your preps will not last forever. So start a bank of seeds you like and other seeds to trade or barter.

#8 Get Yourself Ready!!! 
Read and learn as much as you can now and prep like crazy. Stock up on all the needed items for survival after the collapse. Get out and learn the outdoor skills you will need to survive like hunting, fishing and growing food.

Our time is shot and we need to use everyday to prep and learn!

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  1. Great advice Pete cause it is getting crazier by the hour!