The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

28 Baby Steps for Any Prepper (From The Survival Mom)

1.Make an evacuation plan for your home, hold a family meeting, and conduct a drill.
2.Learn how to use a solar oven.
3.Take a First Aid or CPR class.
4.Take a basic firearm class or an advanced class if you already know the basics of shooting.
5.Choose a family hobby that is preparedness oriented.
6.Learn how to start a fire using three different techniques and three different types of tinder.
7.Go through your monthly expenses line by line to see which expenses can either be eliminated or decreased.
8.Find the shut-off valve for your home’s water and gas systems.
9.Try a new variety of freeze dried food to see how your family likes it.
10.Find seven new recipes that primarily use only the food in your storage pantry.
11.Learn how to bake bread from scratch.
12.Go camping.
13.Start an herb garden and dehydrate your own herbs.
14.Plant three vegetables that your family enjoys eating.
15.Make a list of all the non-edible products used in your household in a typical week.
16.Get your Concealed Carry permit.
17.De-clutter one room in your house to make space for for your food and supply storage.
18.Get an annual physical.
19.Take a walk or go on a bike ride with your family.
20.Make a family plan to gather everyone together In the event of an emergency that occurs while everyone is away from home.
21.Buy $25 or more of “junk silver.”
22.Plant a variety of medicinal herbs that are suited to your climate and will be helpful to your most frequent ailments.
23.Read a preparedness related book.
24.Find someone with a preparedness skill you’d like to learn and schedule time for a lesson or two. (e.g. fishing, carpentry, knitting)
25.Write out a Family Evacuation Plan.
26.Take a class to learn orienteering.
27.Sign up for a local CERT class.
28.If you have firearms and ammo, do an inventory of both to determine if you have too much of one and not enough of the other.

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