The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Did You Do This Week To Add To Your Prep's?

I got more ammo two bricks of 22LR and more food to store. We hit Wal-Mart this week and got some more ammo and a ton of canned soup and more oats, grits and rice. Then I was at Sportsman's Warehouse and picked up some extras for my zippo,(5 wicks, 3 packs of flints and 5 things of lighter fuel) It just kills my wife that I have a zippo lighter and don't smoke and never have. I think having a zippo is a must for a survivalist along with a few(few=3 to 100) bic lighters to.
We plan to work on our prep's a lot more over the next few weeks. With the Christmas season here so comes the coupons for the shopping and I stock up on needed cooking items this time of year every year. Each week from now till Christmas the paper will be full of cooking coupons for stuff like oil, sugar, cake mix, nuts, butter and many other needed items and with some of the sales you can get things for 50, 60, 75% off regular price, so keep your eye's out for the coupons. Me and the wife go to this one little restaurant on Sunday after the rush and have lunch, every week there are about three or four papers sitting around to look at and at least two or three still have all the coupons in them, so we ask if we can have the coupons and every week they say yes. This way we can get two or three of the good coupons to use on our stocking up trips. And most of the coupons are good for two or three months so we have a little bit of time to use them. With the cost of food getting crazy we need to look for other ways to save and if coupons is one way go for it. I think the collapse is getting very close and time in not on our side, so get out there and prep like crazy.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


  1. I added liquor to the pantry this weekend. For medicinal purposes only ;) I also reorganized and put the goods in a more secure spot.

    Is that picture your storage room or just a stock photo?

  2. It's just a stock photo, I think I will post a photo of my set up.

  3. Aren't coupons awesome! There is a store here that doubles them up to $1.00. They hate to see me coming~ lol~ I've been doing the same as you this past week and will continue stocking up on the baking goods while they are on sale. Just an example but they had Imperial sugar on sale this week for $1.89 for 4lbs. With the coupon I walked away paying $0.39.
    Gotta love prepping on the cheap!!

  4. Be careful what you pictures you post! Think OpSec!

    My grocery store doubles most coupons too...I love walking out with free stuff! I created an online account with our local grocery store and now they send me all sorts of coupons...for free stuff even!