The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Where Is Your Line In The Sand?

What is the one thing that will push you to far? Is it the gun grab or is it the new health care bill. Will it be something going on now or is it something the NWO has in the works. I think my vote is for the gun grab, I will not give up my guns....... never!!!!! I will stand strong and fight for my freedom and my right to own firearms. So my line in the sand is the gun grab!
I see many things that could be someones line in the sand, so share with me what that point is for you. What is your line in the sand?


  1. Been reading your blog for a while now. Thanks for all the info you provide.

    At this time, my line in the sand is either a gun grab or mandatory vaccination. I think the government was thinking about making vaccinations mandatory but realized that it's not going to happen. Too many needle pushers would be shot!


    Live the Motto - Be Prepared

  2. Thanks for reading my blog and feel free to post a comment and give me feedback. Info is one of our best tools to use in being prepared.

  3. My line was the 'enforced vaccinations' as well: my sentiment being, "Is giving me that shot worth your life?"
    That seems to be a dead issue now, but there are too many in the wings waiting for the same sentiment: Monetary collapse, hordes of starving people taking whatever they can from whomever, currency collapse (if it collapses much more I'll be broke), illegals given amnesty and the right to vote, united nations troops coming into 'my' town... but it will be preceded by a gun grab of sorts- whether owning or buying one, or having ammunition that isn't 'fingerprinted'. This, too, is what I perceive as being the last straw- though there is more to consider about such an event. Like, who do we target? where will the battle begin? who will be the first target? how do we know when the attack has been initiated... so many questions. So it's keeping our nose to the grindstone, study the issues, keep an eye on the media and bloggers- one is going to have the call to arms.
    As to targets... we have to develop our list and stick to it with guts and determination that regardless the consequences, 'they' are going down before 'we' do.
    There are going to be many families without two parents very soon. Which sucks, because that could be avoided if more men would stand up, grow some balls and be counted. But the chickens have their heads in the sand.
    Shy III

  4. My line was crossed long ago. Before I was born....

  5. I have many lines in the sand. A gun grab is one. Forced vaccinations are another. I will not complete all of the information requested on the census form if I get one.

    Confiscation of retirement funds (ala Argentina). Various taxation schemes. Here in CA, we have the upcoming ammunition restrictions. With all of these, I will skirt the laws, plain and simple.

    Regarding gun confiscations: If it's going to happen, it will likely happen very quickly to keep gun owners off-balance. Don't keep everything you have in one place. If you're basically by yourself, and want to get in some heroic gun battle, you're going to lose. Use your head and live to fight another day. Plan NOW for what you'll do if they show up at your door.

  6. Chief, what ARE you gonna do if they show up at your door? If they do, it's too late. I will not be taken alive...

  7. My children and my faith are my lines in the sand. Don't screw with either of them.

  8. I've already done it. Long ago, I took steps to ensure my ability to retain most (if not all) of my guns.

    I know I will lose if I as a single individual directly fight the grabbers on my front porch. Other than being a martyr, I will have accomplished nothing (other than a couple of dead grabbers). I'll be dead, AND they'll have my guns.

    I prefer Patton's point of view: "The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his."

    That takes forethought, tactics and a strategy.