The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Coming Collapse

The collapse is near and 99% of the people don't even see it coming. I think food will start getting harder to find and find at a fair price. If you go to the store now most of the shelves are half empty and some are more than half empty. And the price of food is getting crazy, like rice, beans and other dry goods. I make it a habit to buy and bag with the food saver 10 to 25 lbs of dry goods a week. Every week we need to be adding to our preps. You don't have to fill the pantry the first week. Just work one week at a time, make a plan and stick to it. Sit down and make a list of needed items for survival, like a Coleman camp stove to cook with, and remember the rule of three. You need three ways to do something, like cooking. After the collapse you will need three ways to cook I have two Coleman camp stoves and two one burner camp stoves. Plus a BBQ grill and I have two one burner butane stove. And as good survivalist I have a lot of fuel for each, but I still know I need more so I buy as much as I can every other week or two. I also have the know how to build a brick outdoor grill, because I think in the long run the outdoor grill and stove will be the way most of us cook. And may I add that just having these items is not enough you must know how to us them and use them well. Your life and the life of others will depend on your skills for survival.
To sum things up you need to make a plan for life, because if you think things are great and can't get any worse I hate to break it to you but you are dead wrong and if you don't prepare now you may never get the opportunity to do so again. A simple plan for food storage will be the difference between life and death. And with spring around the corner you need to start a garden, now is the time to plan. Start with a few small planter boxes, like 4'X4' and about 10 to 14" deep. All you need is a plan and a little work to get this done, just ask an older person at the garden store near you, please don't waste you time with the younger people. Not to say that the younger people can't help you but the percentages are better with the older sales people.
What to do!
1. Make a plan and stick to it!
2. Work to update your plan often, don't just keep buying the same stuff, stop and update it from time to time and add new needed items.
3. Ask people questions, like your friend that just got a new camp stove. Ask him how it works and get as much info as you can so to base a plan to buy one for yourself.
5. AMMO get as much as you can, And if you don't have a gun. What is wrong with you? Get a gun and learn to use it, take a gun safety class and get some time on the range. I go the the range 3-4 time a month.
6. Read and learn as much as you can!
7. Learn new skills for survival, like CPR, EMT, First Aid, welding, woodworking, blacksmithing and many other skills. Just remember that what you know after the collapse will be how to work and trade skills and services. The more you know how to do the better you will live.

Keep your eye's open and your ear to the ground, because evil is coming. Our time is short and this country is on it's last leg, so make a stand and be ready to fight to keep what is yours.
Pete Smith


  1. 您的部落格文章真棒!!有空我一定會常來逛!!.........................

  2. I'm still working on the emergency stores. I try to add (at least) a few pounds of beans, pasta and rice each week, but lately I've been concentrating on canned fruits and veggies, condiments to flavor the dry goods and necessities like canning flats, larger-sized clothes for the kids, soaps and bleach. All things in balance, right?

    You mentioned cooking...did you see the rocket stove advertised on Survival Mom? It works well on very little wood and is fairly inexpensive. Handy for camping too. If you're the camping sort. Which I'm not.