The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vehicle Pack List From The 90's

Staying Alive
by Bill Revill
Published in American Surival Guide, November 1994
Permanently leave the following in a vehicle

Water bottle (2 pints)
Canned/dried food
Nylon shelter (hootch)
12 volt light
Toilet tissue
Leather gloves
Nylon rope (30 feet)
Silva compass
Sun screen cream
Canvas water filter
Hunting Knife
Fire starter kit
Small frying pan
Folding stove
Solid fuel tablets
.22 Rifle (single shot)
Space blanket
Folding shovel
Roll of thin wire
Knapsack Survival Kit
No matter what the destination or reason for the trip, my knapsack survival kit travels with me whenever I venture beyond the blacktop. It's the very first item thrown on board. No exceptions.

If I happen to be taking off as navigator in a friend's vehicle, the knapsack is still mandatory equipment. Survival is a personal responsibility so it's unwise to count on someone else being sufficiently prepared.

This entire kit is contained in a robust, canvas knapsack that, when full, weighs just under 7 pounds and takes no more space than two six-packs.

Here are some examples of what's in it:

Water purifiers
Wind/waterproof matches
Water filter
Candle stub
Plastic zip-lock bags
Solid fuel
Survival blanket
Notebook and pencil
Nylon para cord
Fishing kit
Small tent pegs
Dried stew mix
Plastic eyelets
Dried soups
Cotton gloves
Toilet tissue
Tea and coffee
Tube milk
Field dressings
Breakfast cereal
Mosquito coils
Pocket knife
Sewing kit
In all, there are 122 items randomly packed into the kit, all of which directly or indirectly contribute to the six basic survival requirements. But here too, food items require rotation at least annually.

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