The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Same Old Song.........

It's the same old song with the fools who run this government. Just look at Osama bin Laden's death it's just days old and in most bigger cities have the TSA, FBI, ATF, CIA, and all the other alphabet groups are out in force doing the good of this country by getting ready for the next attack from the evil devils in the middle east. Yes we need to stay alert and yes we need to be ready for an attack, but why stop an old lady on her way home from the doctors office or the mother with three kids going to dance class or a baseball game. If you want to stop all the threats from the brown people of the middle east then stop letting them come here on the bullshit visa's they get or letting them walk across the border to run crazy to do the will of Allah at the cost of Americans life's. Keep an eye on the people who are part of the trouble and not the lady in a wheel chair that the TSA had to pat-down before she could board the aircraft, I don't know about you guys but I know that the handicapped people in wheel chairs are the true master-minds behind the true evil of the world just like the TSA...... Bullshit!!! This is all just part of a bigger plan to turn us all into sheep and the mass of the people will line up with a smile and be happy to do there part in the war on terror. But the sad part is that the only terror here in this country comes from our own Government. The Jack Booted Stormtroopers  who will show up if you are going to sale raw milk or vegetables from your home garden and don't have the permission from Pharaoh, these guys will show you real terror. Don't take the flu shot for you or your family then just wait one day soon the Stormtroopers will show up and give you one last chance to take the shoots or get on the bus to the FEMA/ NONCOMPLIANCE GROUP then you will get to see Camp FEMA and all the fun stuff you get there.
The government is going to use this killing of Osama bin Laden to tighten down the laws and rules and at the same time taking more and more of your freedoms. Each day the Evil Empire trains more Stormtroopers to crack down on us and as each day slips away more and more people are waking up but it is a slow waking and sometimes they fall back into unbelief so we need to help the newly reborn into there new life of prepping and fighting the system. WE need to help the people on the fence and push them to start prepping because the way to life is with stores of food, water, medical supplies and other needed supplies. The coming collapse is very near and time is short so get to work and stay on tract we don't have much time. And as each day goes by it will get harder to start prepping because the cost of food, gas and everything is going up and as each week and month goes by it will get harder and harder to store needed stuff.

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  1. Yes, and those Zombies ARE coming!

    They will be saying, "Ve are from the goferment and ve are here to halp you".

    Buyer beware.