The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Giveaway For May

My new giveaway is for a small knife case that I made with leather and it has a stamped Don't Tread On Me logo. It's black and handmade with top grade tooling leather, Carry your folding knife on your belt. Pouch fits knives up to 4 3/4" long.

Here is how to win.......
Post an answer to this question in the comment box.
"If you could live any place in this country where would it be, and why?"

Please only one answer to the question. And everyone can try to win even if you have won something from me before.

Extra chance to win, if you don't follow my blog and would like to start just e-mail (   ) me your name and tell me you have just started following this blog and I will add your name to the hat for an extra shot at winning. If we get a good amount of comments I may add a 2nd prize for the 2nd name pulled from the hat.

Thanks for looking and good luck.


  1. I am living in the place where I want to live, I wouldn't want to move to another place, I suppose that makes me one of the "lucky ones". I have lived on the west coast, California, Oregon, they are beautiful places, but not where I would want to live, I'm a Texas gal born and bred, I live on a mountain side, in the high desert of far west Texas, this area is harsh, rough and it takes a particular (or would that be peculiar LOL) type of person to live here and like it.

    So I suppose in answer to the question, if there is any one place where I would want to live in the USA, my answer is I'm already there. :)

    As to the second part of the question, "why", we chose this place because of its remoteness, its tough and resourceful people (no whiners here), the climate is conducive to living off grid, lots of sun for solar, hot and dry summers, mild winters, we love the desert and we love the mountains, it's perfect for us, it's not for everyone though, it is a harsh place, there are no close by big box stores, no WalMart, no 24 hour anything, it's at least a 3 hour drive to get to the closest mall or major store, which is just fine for me.

    We didn't move here because we thought TEOTWAWKI was imminent, we did this because we WANTED to, this is how I want to live my life, it always was, since childhood. It's not a green thing for us either.

    The final part of my answer is I sincerely hope that everyone else who is reading this is where they want to be, things are ramping up, things are breaking down, I am not a doomer but I am a realist and I can see where things are heading, food shortages, fuel shortages, and everything that goes with that, I hope that those who are reading this blog are actively working toward being prepared for the hard times, the dangerous times ahead of us, it's not too late to start, but someday (probably sooner than later) it will be too late...


  2. Idaho is where I would live and where I do live now. I was born and raised in this state, joined the US Army got see some lovely spots in the USA/sarc and a few in Europe as well but Idaho is home. The folks here are amazing yet not perfect. We got all kinds of mentalities from Lumberjacks to farmers, Hippies to Mormons and it mostly works cause folks will let you be, but are there to help if it's needed.
    It is a state full of natural wonder, rich in mining, farming and lumber. Hydro power and natural gas. Hotspring and warm ground.
    It's Home

  3. The place I would want to live in is the place I have now. I live in the pacific northwest. We have mild seasons, plenty of water and hunting and I chose my house with care 5 years ago. With a little time and energy it now has all the amenities my family could ever need. It's my oasis and my happy thought :)

  4. I live in West Virginia. While I was raised north of here, my ancestors came from this part of the country. During my childhood we made many trips to the mountains to visit and I will always cherish those memories. During my time in the rat race I realized that I no longer wanted to be part of it and certainly didn't want my family growing up in that atmosphere. I looked for something sustainable, with water I don't have to pay for and minimal taxes. A culture of living off the land persists here and while poor, everyone greats you with a smile and is more than willing to lend a hand. Although it's not perfect, I believe that this is as close to paradise as I'd ever be able to find.

  5. That's a tough question for me, since I live in Canada. I've been to several places in the States and have met really great people everywhere I've been. I'd have to research more about the freedoms or lack of them in different locations but I did like the terrain and weather when I was in Oregon. I'm used to wide open spaces though, so New Mexico might be the place for me.

  6. Living in the peoples republic of Maryland,been stuck here, Bride has been fighting cancer for 2 years, she lost. No reason to stay,going to get a camper and move to my nephews land in Fla.Love the people,casual atmosphere and no pollen.Making plans now, as soon as I tie up some lose ends on my pensions, Daughter will live in the house and take care of it.Can't wait to get out of this sanctuary state.
    Got the perfect knife for the case, hope my luck changes, hasn't been good lately.
    Read your blog every day, keep it up

  7. I would live in north central Arkansas, near the Missouri border and between Harrison on the west and Ash Flat on the east. The climate is much milder than "The American Redoubt", the growing season longer, and hardwood timber is plentiful. There are no large cities within "walking distance" for the Golden Hordes to invade, and game is plentiful along with fish and plants.

  8. Seems like my comment vanished.
    Live in the peoples republic of maryland.
    Bride has been fighting cancer for 2 years and just recently lost.
    No reason for me to stay here, tying up some lose ends then looking for a travel camper.
    Have a offer to park it on my kins 10 acres in Fla.,
    Giving it serious thought, this state is way too restrictive and liberal.
    Hope my luck changes, have the perfect knife for the case.

  9. I would live in the White House with all titles and powers the legal resident of said house needs to live there...hint hint...

    Why? So I could close every non-Constitutional agency, eliminate all the non-Constitutional rules and regulations and tear down the federal reserve. Oh and appoint some real conservatives to top positions and SCOTUS.

    After eight years I could retire and watch the progressives start all over again knowing I bought us a few generations.

    Hey it's a what if scenario!!!

  10. I know I'm supposed to answer 'the southwest' like a good and sensible prepper, but I like Ohio and can't imagine living anywhere else. We have a lot working in our favor, such as plentiful water, wild game, good farmland and Ohio is fairly cc-friendly.

    Having said that, if money was no issue, I'd pack up my family (all of them) and go back the way we came: the Inishowen Peninsula, Co. Donegal, Ireland and then on into Scotland. I hear they have really good metal detecting there :)