The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

How To Start Prepping

Nobody knows how the future will unfold. And that includes myself. Next month may be the same as this month, or it may be a lot better, or it may be a lot worse. There is no way to know what next month will bring until it actually gets here. Therefore, it would probably be a good idea to have a variety of contingency plans instead of simply believing in one and only one possible future.

Do you remember the moral of Aesop's Fable of "The Race between the Turtle and the Rabbit?"

The moral of the story was: "Slow and steady wins the race."

But how does that moral apply to preparing for hard times?

The answer is simple:

1.Relax. Don't panic.

2.Avoid impulse purchases motivated by fear.

3.Relax. But don't procrastinate. Start today.

4.Start by making a plan and then gradually and systematically work your plan.

5.In other words, proceed at a slow but steady pace.

For example, you could design a hard times survival plan that was customized for your family's specific needs by doing the following:

1.Start with a very brief list of the most important broad categories of things your family would need to survive a hard times tragedy event, such as water, food, clothing, medical supplies and other household items needed to survive.

2.Under each broad category add a more detailed list of the things you would like to have within that category. This is a wish list. Don't be ashamed to add things to your wish list. You can prune your list later.

3.Do a little Internet window shopping and find out where you could buy each item on your list along with its price at each Internet store. Make sure you copy and save the Internet address of each store you visit in a special file so you can find that store again later if you decide to buy something from them.

4.Carefully analyze your list and prioritize your spending. And shop for the best price!

5.Don't go overboard in a single category. In other words, if you really like clothes then don't invest every spare dollar you have in clothes. If you really like firearms then don't invest every spare dollar you have in firearms. Instead systematically make investments in all of the major categories as money becomes available.

6.Take the time to carefully think about each of your purchases before you invest your money.

7. Use tax return money, trip or vacation money and that little extra cash you have stuck to the side for that rainy day. Set up a small amount of your budget each month to go to your preps and in no time you will see your work pay off and in a few months you will be on your way.

Top Few Items You Must Have To Survive

Food- And lots of it, you must have 6 months of food and water for each family member, but a year would be better. And seeds to start a garden.

Water Treatment -Be sure to have water purifier tablets or solutions and have a water filter, you should always be prepared to purify water in survival situations.

First Aid Kit -What will you need to pack in your first aid kit? Get the basics and be prepared for any mishap. And add the extras you will need for your family and pets.

Survival Knife- Here's the tool everyone wants to know about: the survival knife. You have to have one but two or three are better.

Fire Starter- Learn how to prepare a kit to get a fire going anywhere. Know how to do this in three or four way and have the tools to do it with.

Navigational equipment- A location map can show you the exact vicinity of the area. It also points you all the vital places like hospitals, gas stations and food joints. Compass is another crucial navigational tool. It helps you to decide which way to go in case you get lost in a vast area of land or water. And know how to use them both!

Cooking and Heat- You must have a small cook stove or other way to cook and heat.

Light- You need a few good flashlights and you must have the batteries....

Guns- You need at least three if you ask me, 1) Handgun at least 9mm or bigger, 2) A 22lr long gun a Ruger 10/22 is the best, and 3) a good shotgun there are a good amount of them find one and get it. Plus you must know how to use, clean and repair your guns! Get some training and get a video on how to break down and clean you guns.

Ammo- Is a must and lots of it a baseline would be:
Handgun= 2,500 rounds
22LR Long Gun =10,000 rounds
Shotgun= 500 slug, 1,000 00Buck, and 1,500 small shot for hunting.
And remember this is just a base you will do much better if you have more.

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