The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Living On Less

Me and the wife have been cutting back on a lot of stuff. We have started the coupon thing and it works we save from $15 to $25 every two weeks. What we do is cut out all the coupons we use and set them in groups like cleaning stuff, can foods, meats and other groups. Then we take all the weeks ads and look for the best price and high-light the best price and then me make a list of needed items and write next to it the price and what store ad it is in and then we are off to Wal-Mart because they will match the price of any other store at the register just show them the ad and they change the price right at the register. Last week we saved $27.00 in coupons and about $19.00 in price matching for a total of $46. We have been doing this for about three months now and we set aside the saved money to use for food preps or other needed items. The first thing we used the saved money for was new tires for the truck we had $215 saved and two new tires cost us $195 and didn't have to come from out everyday money or our regular savings.
We cut down our cable bill, power bill and phone bill and we just got rid of our home phone line that in it's self is saving us $45 a month. We are looking at other ways to cut back to help add to our savings. I think it's very easy to do and we are not going without anything we need. Take a little time I bet you can cut a little fat off your bills each month.


  1. Great post, Pete. Our biggest money saver is eating at home instead of take out/fast food. It was one of those embarrassing light-bulb moments when we figured out that it's cheaper to eat steak at home than buy McD's for 4.

    My best coupon deal was 2 weeks ago when I used coupons for pasta that was on sale....I got 20 boxes of various pastas for $3.60 :) It can be done, it just takes patience and practice.

  2. We started this as well. It feels good to save so much!