The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What To Do?????

So over the last few months me and my wife have talked about hitting the road in an RV and making a life on the road as nomads. We have done a lot of reading and looked at over a 100 RV's and found a few we like. Now over the last few weeks we have been asking the question, "Why not just get some land in a great place"? So now we may just use our money and buy a spot of dirt and make a new life, but make one thing for sure we are getting out of this state as soon as we can. I have a little bit of school left to do and after that we bolt! I think we will make a few trips to areas we like and check them out for a place to move to, and look for the spot of land we will make a stand on. We still may get a small RV or tent trailer to use as a BOV and for camping.
 We just had a problem with how to bring all of our survival gear and food. And if we stored it at a set location and the SHTF when we were 2000 miles away it's the same as not having the supplies. We want a retreat with our supplies on hand and have a retreat we can defend and survive on. How will I find this uni-corn? I have no idea, but I will start the look and try to find the best spot of dirt to make a new life. If any of you have some good ideas please let me know, any and all in-put will be appreciated. I want rural and off the beaten path with a water supply and dirt I can grow food in. I don't want much, do I?
Remember time is short so keep up your prepping and stand strong for true freedom!
Life goes on.......Will you?


  1. Well, I would say that an RV would let y'all travel around to find a place you like, and provide shelter once you've found that place (assuming there's not a house there already). No need to go big and fancy, a small travel trailer will do. Or how 'bout this: a pickup truck with slide in camper, and a cargo trailer to haul your preps with you. Central TX has some good land, and lots of springs (hint hint) : ) If we could only kick the commies out of Austin...

  2. Pete,

    When y'all are ready, come on up here for a visit. We will show you some things.


  3. My wife and I took a roadtrip to Idaho and loved it. If you want plant-able land, just look for the farms and ranches - generally in the Boise area and west of there. Not a lot of snow, either.

    TO the south, the land is quite alkaline, but a lot less expensive. Compared to Ca, EVERYWHERE in ID is cheaper, though!

    We checked out as far north as McCall, but it had a bit too much annual snow for our liking.

    Everywhere we went, though was a beautiful, friendly state.