The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Cheap And Fast Stove For SHTF Event

The Hobo Stove

Take a gallon paint can (exact size not important)
Cut holes in sides of can as im photo.

Chuck anything combustible in and light it up.

The air flows in the bottom hole, and the aerodynamics of the can suck the exhaust out of the top holes. This forms a vicious through draught, and the fire burns almost white hot in a strong wind! It also uses very little fuel. Fire temperature can be controlled be turning can away from the wind a bit, or by obstructing the inlet hole.

Put a pan directly on the top of the can without the can lid (unless you are very fussy about carbon deposits on your pan) for maximum heat transfer. Or to bake, put lid on can, and baking receptacle on lid. Alternatively use a large lidded tin, like a biscuit tin, directly on the can, supporting the item to be baked above the bottom of the tin, so it bakes in the distributed temperature of the tin rather than the direct heat on the base.

These things are unbelievably effective, dirt-cheap and fun to make. You can easily make one on the fly with a Swiss Army knife and a tin you pick up. You will probably find yourself making lots of different designs just for the hell of it!! They are also useful in that you can burn up your camp rubbish to cook your next meal!

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  1. If you rub a bar of soap over the bottom of your pan, the soot will wash off quite easily after using over the direct heat.

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  3. I do the same thing with empty two pound coffee cans. Used them to cook on for nearly 2 weeks when we were without power during an ice/snow storm. By utilizing a outdoor grill that had a closeable lid we managed to cook meals for the whole time on about 8 lbs. of charcol.

  4. I know this *should* go without saying, but just in case, the paint can needs to be metal, not plastic, I've seen plastic paint cans for sale in stores, chances are everyone who read your site would KNOW that, but you have to CYA against that one person who would read this and light up a plastic paint can.