The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Survival Skills #24 Quick preparedness things We all can do.

Survival Skills # 24
Quick preparedness things We all can do.

#1 Once a month check over your list of food and see what you need to work on to add to the pantry. You should have a shopping list for your trip to the store.

#2 Every month or so check your bug out plan and update any route that may need to be changed. A road may be closed or under construction and be blocked or hard to get through. So make needed altering to your bug out plan.

#3 Check your smoke detectors. The once a year thing is not cool, check it every other month.

#4 Check and service if needed your fire extinguishers. And if you don’t have any…..Get some ASAP, every home in this country needs at least one for the kitchen. And if you have a shop or shed for yard working tools you need one there to.

#5 Take a CPR/First Aid Class, or if you have the time take a EMT class.

#6 Put ICE in your cell phone for the person you want them to call in an emergency. ICE= In Case of Emergency. If you are ever in a car crash or other emergency and you can’t call someone will be able to do it for you.

#7 Check your survival kits. Check and restock your car kit, BOB kit and any other kits that need to be updated.

#8 Check and restock your First-Aid Kit, add new items and remove any that are not needed.

#9 Run an anti-virus scan on your computer. Do this at least once a month.

#10 Make sure you have extra cash in your wallet, small bills at least $50-$100, and I always keep about $3-$5 in change in my truck.

#11 Work on your time management, make a list of things you need to do for the next day and add a list for the upcoming weekend. Make sure you add a preparedness item to your list. Every thing we get done today is one thing less we have do tomorrow.

#12 Make a Master list of all supplies and check off needed items as you get them. You should have a priority list for items you need ASAP and work on it.

#13 Every 3-6 months do a test for your family plan. Check everyone’s BOB and check to see if everyone knows there job for the Bug out or for staying in place. Every one should have a job to do and know it.

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