The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Survival Skills # 20 How to keep a Garden Journal

Survival Skills # 20
How to keep a garden journal

Step 1
Find a notebook with plenty of blank pages that will hold together well. Stash it with your gardening supplies so it is always handy to take notes.
Step 2
Write down the year and then map out your garden plans. Even if you are not an artist, a simple sketch of your garden plot will help to visualize your plan.
Step 3
Make a list of the seeds you ordered, the brand and Latin names. Put a coinciding column where you can mark how well the seeds grew for you and whether you would order them again. Also, list which plants you bought as starts and how they did.
Step 4
Your garden journal is also a great place to right down any pest problems you had and how you dealt with them successfully. This will be informative for next year when the problems arise again.
Step 5
At the end of the growing season, take the time to right down any thoughts you have about the growing season, what you would do again and what you would do differently.
Step 6
Use this journal to save info about your garden. This will help you to have a better garden each year. And if you sale you items keep a list of how much money you make each year.

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