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The End Is Near
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tent or Tarp????


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Survival Debate: Tent or Tarp

Survival Debate Tent Tarp
This week on survival debate we’ll discuss the advantages of carrying a tent or a tarp in your survival gear or Bug Out Bag. Do you prefer the comfort of a tent and live with the weight, or do you save room in your bag and go light with a tarp?


Survival TentPro:
  • Better Weather Protection
  • Protection from Insects
  • Easier to Set Up
  • Self Standing
  • Can be Waterproof
  • See our recommended Survival Tents
  • Heavier
  • Less Versatility
  • More Expensive


Survival TarpPro:
  • Lighter
  • Versatility
  • Cheap
  • See our recommended Survival Tarps
  • Requires External Support
  • Less Weather Protection
  • No Insect Protection

Middle Ground

The only real middle ground for this debate is taking both, because you certainly wouldn’t want to go without at least one if you could help it. Taking both gives you a whole lot of options, and given how cheap and light a tarp is I am tempted to do that myself.

What if you have a large family or group?

That is a problem that we have been thinking about. One of the cool products that we found is a dome shelter system that can sleep up to 30 to 40 adults depending on the size of the shelter. Check them out by clicking here.

Where do you stand?

Personally, if I had to pick one, I would go with a tent. The amount of weather and insect protection you get from a tent really outweighs the weight issue for me. That, and long term tarp camping is just going to be miserable and eventually downright dangerous.
If you take a tent, tell us about it, and why you chose your tent. If you only have a tarp, was that a decision, or just because you haven’t bought a tent yet?


  1. I have a few of each and numerous shelter halves as well to mate up. Personally I go with a tarp-like emergency tent for my get home bag and then store multiple tents and shelter halves in various locations that I figure would be used if I had to relocate for long periods.

    Bottom line for me is tarps really do not last as long as good solid heavy tents. Not even really expensive tarps are as good as a heavy shelter half put together for strength.

    If I have to spend one night in a tarp on my way home or even two no big deal but a tarp will never last even a month that I have seen.

  2. I'm for the tent. The size of the bugs here in FL would dictate a tent. Otherwise they might carry me off in the dead of night!