The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Is Here

So fall is here and with it cold weather will follow. I can't tell it's fall yet because it's still high 90's and 100's here in the Sacramento Valley. But soon the weather will cool off and the wind and rain will come again. I am so ready for some cold weather and some rain, but to get to the heart of this post and I would like to say I'm sorry for not posting more over the last month this new blogger update has me relearning how to use blogger all over again so it's like I'm new to this posting thing again. So in a little more than a month we will have to go vote and I will not tell you how I think you or anyone should vote. I think each and everyone needs to think out there own vote and vote with there heart as well as there mind. Sad thing is there are so many things not said in this election that needed to been said, like:
#1 Why is the dollar being killed?
#2 Why is the government with FEMA building camps inside the USA?
#3 Why are parts of the government buying ammo that should not have it and why so much of it?
#4 Who is really in charge of the USA, our leaders or outside bankers? Because the bankers pull all the strings to the leaders of this country!
#5 What plan does the NWO have for this country? And yes we know there is a NWO!!!!
#6 Why does NBC,ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox and MSNBC all report Bullshit and not real news?
#7 Why does the new I-Phone 5 get more press than the news of GMO killing people or the news of how the great leaders of this country have let them add all kinds of junk into of foods, medications and our lives?
#8 Why is it OK to talk about Mitt Romney's Church but if we talk about Obama's Church we are racist? Wait I remember, because Obama's Pastor was a "RACIST"!!!!!
#9 And tell me again why we can't see the hard copy of Obama's Birth Certificate?
#10 Let me get this right all the spending over the last four years was all because Of Bush? Mr. Obama if you get back in office who's fought will the next four year be pinned on?

Go vote because it's your right to do so, for now!!! Everyday we come closer to collapse and I feel as Nov, 6th comes around we are going to see a false flag event in this country, I may be wrong but I bet you something crazy happens before Nov 6th. Keep safe and keep an eye open for trouble!!! I pray everyday that this country will survive but I just don't see it making it much longer.

Keep up your prepping and stay strong, our time is very short!!!

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