The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Saturday, October 13, 2012



It is getting to be fall, and for those of us who currently or have in the past grown up raising our own meat, or would like to know how, as the weather cools it nears when we farmer folk turned our hog into bacon and ham.

Here is the recipe for for our DRY SALT CURE that will cure a 14 pound ham.
take a leg of ham from one side of your hog and severe it. (you can also use this cure to make bacon.)
You will need at least as a minimum 3 weeks or more.
you will need:
1 ham between 14 and 20 pounds.
a ounce of good brown sugar.
a half ounce of salt peter (potassium nitrate)
2 pounds of roughly ground salt.

You are going to need a salting pan or drawer.
Leave the ham un-skinned.
Rub the sugar and the salt peter in first, pay the most attention to the bone ends.
Now rub on half the salt and put the ham to rest on slats in the salting trough, (leave a channel to let the brine run out.)
At the end of the next week rub in the rest of the salt.

Let the ham set and take in the rest of the salt for the next three weeks., turning the ham in the salt regularly to dry and take in the cure.
Now you can hang the ham to dry in a drafty area of warm air for a day or two to dry out more.
If you want to smoke the ham (we did) put it in your smoke house and let it hang in the smoke for a day or so ( the smoke house should be designed so the smoke from your fire is cool as it runs through and use hickory or apple wood to smoke the meat.
Leave the smoke to settle on the meat for 2 to 3 days.
Hang the ham in your attic or another similar cool dry place.
This home made ham can be stored over the winter.
Here is a link to more information like this.

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