The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, October 29, 2012

New Giveaway

1st Prize is a Slinky Jr. Antenna........

2nd Prize Patriots By: James Wesley Rawles

There is a 3rd Prize but I will keep it to myself to the Giveaway is over!!!

How to win; Post a comment to this posting and answer this question,  You get inside info on the collapse and you know it will happen in 72 hours, What are the first five things you do 1st? List in the order you would do them and give an over all reason why you would do these things.
Good luck and Thanks for reading........

In a week or so me and the wife will pick the winners..........


  1. 1. Notify all key family and team members. So they can take action and ask for or give help as needed.
    2. Fuel all vehicles and cans. So we can bug out if needed, with out having to take care if this when the collapse happens.
    3. head to store and buy dry goodsm canned goods and hygeine products. this will be the last time to add to inventory at "normal" prices,
    4. head to "gun store" and buy more common caliber ammo. this will add to personal inventory and barter inventory.
    5. Pray for guidance and recheck all inventories, defenses, plans, and contacts. This will keep spirits up, and reassure you and your family that you have your "stuff" together and can survive the collapse.

  2. 1.notify key family and team members.
    2. fuel all vehicles and cans.
    3. head to store and get more dry goods, canned goods and hygeine products.
    4.Go to ammo store and increase stocks of rimfire and common centerfire.
    5. Pray for guidance and strength to weather the storm
    All the above gets your team in motion, gets the vehicles ready to move if needed, increases food and ammo stock for use and barter and finally a little support form the one above never hurts.

  3. 1. I would take some of my silver oz. to my favorite pawn shop and trade it for another 2 stripper clips for the SKS. Plus some bolt cutters and a few tools I have my eye on Approx. $100.00 trade value. Top off all vehicles from my gas cans.
    2.Bake bread, can meat from the freezer and dehydrate and vacume pack some vegatables I have frozen. Make sure all batteries are charged and start last minute shopping list.
    Clean my home, do laundry and do my yard as much as possible. That would be the first 24/48 hours hours.
    Day two I'd make sure I have finished up all the first day items. Do a walk through house and yard see if I have missed anything!
    Day 3 Assuming I have until the 2 of Nov. before all the news gets out because I get paid the 1st and on the 1st I would write a check for cash.
    3. Pay no bills but top off all gas cans.
    4. Buy ingredients for making beer and additional booze. Tobacco
    5.Last minute shopping for petfood, meats and some paper products I have on my first of the month shopping list! Only around $100.00 planed so that should leave a hundred in cash on hand.

    I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for Pete. The only thing I would change if not so close to payday is sell more silver but I'd still buy the same stuff!

  4. #1- BE discrete as you go about!
    #2- Immediately go and stock up just as much cooking oil, yeast and powdered milk as you can lay your hands on. These items cannot be stored long term. Most other consumables you'd best already have !
    #3- Remove and start dehydrating and turning into jerky or at least cook all that is in the freezer.
    #4- Top off all fuel and water containers.
    #5- Thank God that you have already done most things well in advance ! Hunker down...

  5. 1. Call my children and let them know we are "making the move"
    2. One last trip to the grocery, pharmacy and hardware stores
    3. Close out my bank account
    4. Load up the important papers and supplies still at home and not at our bug out local
    5. Hunker down at the bug out, secure the area.

    My children still don't believe anything can happen, but I'd try one last time as I'm a responsible parent. I'd make a last run for fresh supplies/food, prep materials, OTC medications and medical supplies. You can never have too many. My bank won't be operating so I'd close out my account, even though money will eventually mean nothing, in the short term, some "dummy" will still trade in it. The last items loading up, heading out and securing are the logical results.

  6. Since I won last time, I won't enter this time. However, can I buy one of these? I need one!

    1. Yes just e-mail me I can help you with that

      I sell them On e-bay but can save you some money if you buy direct. Thanks

  7. Looking good so far eveyone and Deb you can inter too it's ok if you won before. Keep them coming......

  8. Pete, It's human nature to look for lists. We tend to look for patterns. While it's a different slant of what a person could do/buy or sell in 36-72 hours. I know you just lve to give your hardwork away. ;) But it may be a good contest in a couple of months or next year

  9. 1. Tell El Jefe (the husband).
    2. Top off everything in one last shopping trip to grocery store, gas station and TSC.
    3. Cash out the checking and savings accounts.
    4. We're buying a generator the 15th of this month anyway- if it happened before then, I'd make the purchase early. If it happened afterward, I'd just be hooking it up.
    5. I'd have the hand-driven well pump overnighted to us, if this happens before we reach its planned acquisition date (Spring '13). I'd prefer not to be hauling water uphill from the river when the fuel for the genny to run the current pump is gone.

    Xa Lynn

  10. 1: Notify all team members
    2: Grab bug out bags and proceed to bug out area.
    3: Immediately fall into pre-determined roles for team members
    4: Use individual skills in a functional post-collapse habitat.
    5: Survive by living off the land, using already learned survival skills, various forms of hunting and protection. Continue to do so until normalcy is restored,..... if ever.

    Disaster can happen at any time. We should prepare all of the time. We should all learn and practice various skills that would insure our survival. We must prepare now, not later. It will be too late to get goods during the crisis as many others will be attempting to do the same. It is important to arrange a team that will benefit your ideal living conditions. Bug out locations should include a fresh water supply, plenty of land to grow and hunt for food and an alternative energy source. Survival in city environments will be nearly impossible, so escape to a rural area is imperative. Above all, be mentally prepared and KNOW that you need to be able to do anything reqyired to protect your family, yourself and your food.

  11. 1: Locate family and team members and inform them to mobilize.
    2: Grab bug out bags and head to secure location.
    3: Establish family and team member roles and innitiate post-collapse plan
    4: KNOW that NOW is the time that you need to be mentally and physically prepared to protect your family, team members, yourself and your supplies.
    5: Use skills previously learned and supplies previously kept to maintain comfort levels as high as possible until normalcy is established in society.

    You should ALWAYS be preparing as an economic collapse is not a matter of "if" but "when". 72 hours away from a collapse is no time to grab supplies, as others will be doing the same. You have to assume that you will not be the only person aware of the impending collapse and lines will be long. Have a plan, have supplies ready at all times and be willing to protect all that is your's at any cost.

  12. 1. Pray
    2. Get as many of my family members (mine and hubby's) here asap, they would need to bring as much food, fuel and supplies as they can get.
    3. Buy up and top off as much food and fuel as I can.
    4. Work on hiding as much as I can.
    5. Work with my friends and neighbors to form a loose coalition, the more that are working together, the fewer I have to worry about turning against us.

    I already have the slinky jr antenna, if my name is drawn for that one, pick another name, I am interested in the other prizes though. :)