The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pre-Collapse Things We Need To Do....

1. Food, water and medical supplies [you must have at least 6 months, a year is better two is best]

2. Guns and Ammo
[one long gun, .30-.06, .308, .270 and 1000 to 2500 rounds of ammo]
[one .22 rifle, like a 10/22 and 100,000 rounds of ammo]
[Two handguns one auto and one revolver, 9mm, .40cal, .45cal, .357, .38, .44mag with 2500 rounds for each handgun. Having a .22 handgun would be a good idea]
[One shotgun 12ga two would be better and 2500-5000 shells in all needed shots, get at least 500 slugs and 500-1000 00 buck shot]

3. Cooking without power, you will need at least three ways to cook without power like a camp stove with LP gas and you will need 48 1lb tanks and a few 5lb tanks. A good fire pit with cast iron pots and pans and you must know how to cook over open fire and hot coals (learn now not after the collapse) and have the needed tools to care for your cook ware. A solar oven is good to have and know how to use it.

4. Water and a way to filter and store the water. And you will need a good source of water.

5. Shelter, your home, a RV/Camper, tents, and any other source of shelter.

6. A plan for survival that covers bug out plan, stay home plan and other plans to cover the needs after the collapse.

7. Skills, learn every skill you can now so when the collapse hits you are as ready as you can be. Take a CPR class, first-aid class or EMT class. Learn leather working, wood working, sewing, quilting, soap making, candle making, and any other skill that can be used after the collapse. Remember a skill learned today could be a way to earn a living in a post-collapse world.

8. Light, you must have a way to light the night without power. Candles, oil lamps, crank lights and any other ways to light the night. Have lots of needed supplies to keep the dark away. Look in to olive oil lamps and other oil lamps.

9. Everyday supplies like paper plates, plastic utensils, trash bags, paper towels and many other, remember that you will need enough for months and months and maybe forever. Keep in mind that you will need in a everyday use kind of way and plan off of that.

10. Tools- You will need tools to do work after the collapse like shovels, rope, axe, hand saws, and other tools and supplies like nails, tacks and other hardware. The skills to use the items is a must.

Post a comment with your ideas of things you would need for the coming collapse.


  1. Cleaning supplies/Sanitation I have a cople of camp potties. Instructions on how to make cleaning supplies from common household ingredients. I stocking TP but have a backup of old phone books and individual sponges/gloves if needed. Got the Humanure Bible and I have a layout/equipment if I need it.
    Chunk charcoal is a great way to store fuel for cooking. 40# bag Mesquite for under $15.00, stores in a small area and 8 bags should get you 1 meal a day for a year to augment your LP stove.
    The only thing I have to get is a solar set up. I'm picking up cordless tools since they have gotten so much better in the last few years. Gas may be hard to come by but the sun is always there to be used.

  2. Rather than over burdening with paper plates, napkins and paper towels, and other such products, I'd recommend cloth towels- like the flour sack towels Gramma used to use, for everything from wiping dishes to diapers- and learn to wash them on a board using Boraxo, Fels Naptha, or other similar product. Re-use is more practical than re-cycle after the S flies.
    Tallow lamps are, IMO, a very good item to learn to make and use because there will be an end to oil products- unless one has very deep pockets. (Po'boys like me will use tallow and wick.)
    And definitely learn to make some tools you will use for everyday work, such as Swede saw after the bow saw breaks down. (Darn, what an idea for a blog demo!)
    Shy III