The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cold Weather Will Be Here Soon, Time For Checking Things.....

Winter is on it's way and before it gets here we need to do some checking of a few things.
B.O.B.- we need to break it down and update it with new needed items and pull any old out of date items out and replace them. Now would be a good time to do a inventory of your BOB and keep the list on file.
First Aid Kit
Add to and update your kit and pull and replace out of date items.
Car/Truck Kit
Check and update your auto kit make sure everything works and is in date. Now is the time to add the extra blankets and candles to use in cold weather. Pocket hand warmers are great in this kit. Make sure all needed tools in your auto are in working order and in place.
Preps And Stores
Food stores- check all food for out of date stuff and restock
Camping Gear- Clean and store camping gear, replace any broken items and add any new gear
Gun Cleaning Gear- This time of the year I always check my cleaning supplies and add needed items.
Ammo- Check your stock and start back to buying more over the winter, try to buy a box or two each week and go from one caliber to the next as the weeks go by. Make sure you have lots and lots of cleaning supplies.
Flashlights- Check them all and make sure you have batteries and bulbs for them all
Tools- Clean and store all summer tools and get all the winter ones ready
Clothes- Get out the winter and wash and start putting away the summer as it gets colder outside.
Shoes- Get the boots and winter shoes out and ready.
Smoke detectors and annual maintenance of fire extinguishers
Check all doors and windows for caulking and use plastic sheeting as needed to winterize your home.
Clean heater filters and test run it before its cold, the last thing you want is for it to drop to the low numbers for the first time and then you find out your heater is not working.

This is a great time of the year and one of the best to get things done, so take some time and start checking things on your list.

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