The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Survival Skills #7 How to Store Survival Food for Your Family

How to Store Survival Food for Your Family

The concept of survival food is to have a couple weeks of food and drink set aside in case of an emergency. Many people are relieved that they stored survival food. It has come in handy during the recession. You don’t have to gather up survival food just for a time of war. Once you gather your items for survival food how do you go about storing it?

Things You'll Need:
Dry ice
Plastic buckets
Plastic storage bags
Vacuum Sealer
Survival food items
Step 1
The key to keeping your survival food stored is to have it in vacuumed sealed bags. You can purchase a vacuum sealer and bags. Take your survival food items and seal them up again, even if they came sealed. This will insure they last longer and will be fresh when you open them in a time of crisis.
Step 2
Vacuum seal all of your bottles of medications, vitamins and supplements. You can place these in individual snack bags and then vacuum seal a couple day’s worth at a time. This will prevent you from having to open a bottle and use all of it at one time.
Step 3
Label items carefully. Make certain you specifically write on the bags what is in them. Also, label the tops of cans. Paper labels can wear off over time.
Step 4
Store items such as dried beans, wheat products and so forth in large plastic buckets. Fill the top with dry ice. Seal the bucket with a durable tape. Label the bucket. The dry ice will disappear and remove oxygen out of the bucket making the food items last longer. They’ll be fresher for when you need to use your survival food.
Step 5
Number your survival food items as you place them in storage. The first survival food item, number 1. The second survival food item label number 2. When it comes time to use the survival food, consume the survival food items with the lowest number first.

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