The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Friday, August 21, 2009

“Don’t Take the Flu Shot”

The Poster Revolution: Infowars Launches “Don’t Take the Flu Shot” Contest
August 21, 2009
On his nationally syndicated radio show today, Alex Jones announced another poster contest, this one focusing on the H1N1 flu pandemic and the government plan to inject every American with a toxic big pharma soft kill eugenics weapon under the dictates of the globalist United Nations’ World Health Organization.

Alex announced the contest while talking with a Florida teen who is under investigation by police in Clermont, Florida, for putting up the now infamous Obama Joker poster on utility poles. Police told the teen they will likely press charges because of the political content of the poster.

The latest poster will have and Prison at the top followed by “Don’t Take the Flu Shot” with eye-catching artwork sending the message that the big pharma and government flu shot is deadly and should be avoided at all cost.

For more information on the deadly H1N1 vaccination, read "They Want to Inject My Kids With What"?

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