The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Survival Skills #6 How to Stock Survival Food During a Recession

How to Stock Survival Food During a Recession
Many people are concerned of a food crisis and are stocking survival food during the recession. The fear is there will be a food shortage. Families with survival food will be at an advantage. The other reasoning behind stock piling survival food during a recession is in case of job loss. You might just be learning about survival food. The goal of survival food is to help your family in a crisis. How do you stock survival food during a recession?

Things You'll Need:
Survival food storage space
Bulk food discount
Empty plastic containers
Home water filter
FoodSaver with bags
Step 1
Select a place in your home to store your survival food as you gather it. This can be an empty space in your closet, a basement or even your kitchen cabinets. Plan to add to your survival stock each time you grocery shop.
Step 2
Obtain a membership at a super discount store that sells bulk food items. You will save money and have reasonable size food items for your survival food storage.
Step 3
One of the first items to buy for your food supply is canned goods. Buy the largest bulk can available.
Step 4
Each time that you shop, buy one item for your survival food collection. This will stock your survival food without costing you a fortune.
Step 5
Save your empty plastic containers. Buy a water filter. Wash containers and fill with filtered water. This is much cheaper than buying bottled water and just as healthy.
Step 6
When you buy candy for special occasions, set aside several pieces that you can vacuum seal to add to your stock of survival food. In a time of family crisis, a nice treat of hard candy will be more than welcomed.
Step 7
Consider canning homemade foods to add stock survival food. These will be delicious in a time of crisis and have a long shelf life.
Step 8
Dry out fruits that you can add to your stock survival food. You can do this with vegetables as well, particularly ones you grow or are given to you from other’s gardens.
Step 9
Have a FoodSaver and bags for it. Take dry foods and pack into bags and then put the bags into a 5 gallon bucket. If done right the food will keep for years.

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