The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Your Preps, What Do You Need To Add?

I have been looking over my preps and trying to find any holes. I know I have holes I find them all the time, and then add to them to fill the hole. I have a nice stock of food, but when I was going over it I saw I was very low on powdered milk so I ordered more #10 cans of milk. I will be working on more 5 gallon buckets of beans, rice, salt and sugar this week. I think I will add a bucket of Mac&Cheese to the mix just to see how it goes. I ask you all to look over your preps and check your items for dates and look for things you have missed in your prepping so you can add them. I try to check my items as often as I can. Work your preps so when you need them they will work for you. Keep up the work you are doing with your preps and keep adding to them as much as you can afford. I do feel like our time is short and the evil is near, so stand ready and fight to keep what is yours, because when the collapse hits the sheeple will be running crazy and the world will never be the same. Have yourself and your family ready to live and survive this coming collapse. It's not if it comes but when it hits and when it hits you better be ready. Because when it hit it will be to late to prepare. Stay strong and stay on course.


  1. I feel like I have a well-rounded food storage going, but I need to bulk it up. I have a little meat, a little dairy, a little beans, rice and pasta,etc. Plus hundreds of jars of fruits, veggies, pickles, jellies, jams and juices that we've canned in the past 2 years.

    Milk is on my list too...I use the Emergency Essentials brand as it tastes most like milk, but I'm wondering about the Honeyville brand as well. Also on my list, liquor. Not just for bartering, but also for baking and gifts. It wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't get my father-in-law schnockered. (Last year it was blackberry cordial, this year, limoncello.) So vodka, brandy and some good whiskey are next up.

    Whenever something gets close to it's expiration, I donate it my church for their Good Samaritan Outreach program. I know they'll use it before it expires, so I don't feel like I'm wasting.

  2. I've been prepping for sometime. I added 15 lbs of barley just today. I almost have a pail full of Mac & Cheese and may add another, Mac and Cheese, Tuna and Peas is a favorite meal of mine. Excellent survival food.

    I buy the food pails and slowly fill them, drop some oxygen absorbers, then seal them. I am currently working on the Mac and Cheese, Barley, Oats and maybe another pail of Mac & Cheese.

    Like I said I've been doing this for awhile now (over two years), so I agree that you have to constantly check and double check. This week I've added 700 rounds of ammo, ordered a Solar Battery Charger. The battery charger was something I thought of while looking for "holes" in my plan. Led lanterns and flashlights with rechargable batteries assure I will have light for years to come. A cheap investment.

    Too many people don't understand that once TSHTF, it will be too late to fix any short comings. If you screw up, you won't be able to fix the problem later. Only by going over and over things, will you see what you may have overlooked. By constantly evaluating things, you think of things that you may have overlooked.

    I have unusual stuff like frog gigs, slingshots, snare wire, spare this and that. It's taken two years of being consistent focus to find the little things that I feel I will need should the SHTF. While I won't say it (TSHTF) will happen, I tend to think it will and it could happen very soon.

    Either way I am prepared to the Nth degree. While the sheeple are in a state of shock, me and mine will be getting to a safe place and have everything we need to survive. While others ignored the writing on the wall, me and mine have been very, very busy.