The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Coming Dark Age

This country is in a deep recession and is knocking on the door of another great depression. We are falling every week more jobs lost and more people on unemployment every week. The dollar is slowly going down every week, which it turn is making the cost of everything go up. So how long can this country take this junk from the government? I think a big collapse is coming soon; very soon. And I don’t see this being a short run of bad times. I think this time we will fall and fall hard. We are going to be kicked back into the dark ages. And not because of the loss of technology or the manufacturing and productive processes, this is something this country started losing years ago we don’t make very many things here any more. I do think the loss of technology and the arability to manufacture goods will play a big part in the events after the collapse. Our first step into the New Dark Ages will be from the instant jump in crime. The day the collapse happens the sheeple will rush the stores for food and supplies. There will be no law, just the law of survival. The friends down the street with the three kids will not be the same people after the collapse. Everyone will be different and everyone will be fighting to survive the collapse. People will get shot over everyday items like milk, bread, baby food and formula. If you ever watched the wild kingdom from years ago and saw how the mother bear, lion, tiger and any other wild animal would fight to the death to protect there young; this is the way the mothers of young kids will be the day of the collapse and many days after the collapse. I see the people of this country going into a madding state and just killing for the things they need or want. The strong will survive and the weak will die. This will go on for many days, weeks and months until the supplies start to run out. The ones at the stores, in trucks, trains and in warehouses then the people will turn on each other even more. Partners in crime during the collapse will very rapidly kill each other over the small amount of supplies they have left. It will be just like the dark ages. Everyday will be a fight to stay alive and a fight to find food, water and other supplies. Most people don’t think about where there food comes from, they don’t understand that it takes a very large group of people to get food to the store. And most people don’t know that there is just so much food on the shelves at the store. If you have every gone into a grocery store on a holiday or the day before it you will see how fast the food goes off the shelves. Now just think how fast it would go if everyone for ten block radius ran in all at one time and grabbed everything that was not bolted down. Think of the fights at the gas stations and Wal-Mart. It will be a nightmare and a nightmare a lot of people will see very soon. This New Dark Age will last for many years and the only thing you can do is get ready for it. Buy seeds and know how to use them and buy a gun and ammo and know how to use it, that means train with it. Go the range and shoot as mush as you can. Buy food and stock it deep and high. Have water on hand and ways to get clean water for later. And medical supplies have them and know how to use them. Take a first aid class or an EMT class, but know how to care for yourself and your loved ones. Our time is short and a New Dark Age is before us, so prepare as you need to because the days ahead are very dark.

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  1. Beyond the fact that America doesn't produce anything, America doesn't know how to DO anything. We've forgotten all the basic survival/life skills; gardening, hunting, cooking, canning and food preservation, sewing, basic DIY, herbalism. We're trapped by our own ignorance and/or laziness.

    I was stunned this past Halloween when a friend told me that she didn't know how to sew well enough to make a head for her scarecrow. I'm talking about a needle, thread and some burlap. Nothing fancy, no expensive machine. Just a needle pulling thread, and she couldn't do it. Another dear friend told me the only side dish she can cook is baked potatoes. They are both adult women, one college-educated with a five-year degree in education. And they can't cook or sew. Sewing I can sort of overlook, but how do you live to be 35 years old and not be able to cook a side dish?

    Where/when did it happen that people became so ignorant? All we know how to do is buy gadgets, super-size everything and cook out of boxes.

    If you've never watched "Wall-E", I think you'd appreciate it, even if it is a cartoon. If humans survive long enough, I think that's how we'll end up. So sloth-like and lazy that we can't even walk of our own accord.