The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Winners Are...............

Sorry everyone I'm late on posting the winners so here they are!

For 1st prize the winner is myadventuresinselfreliance

and 2nd prize is Spud

So you guys drop me a e-mail
and give me the address you would like the item sent to and I will ship Friday of this week.
Thanks for everyone who posted.......

Right before Christmas I will have a new giveaway so keep an eye out for it!!!!


  1. WOO-Hoo ! Really cool ! I don't have a hard copy so it is most welcome.

    Thanks Pete !

  2. It's a conspiracy, two Idaho boys were picked for first and second ( tho one, "myself" resides in Floriduh these days, I still am native Idahoan hence my moniker )

    Thanks again Pete !

    By the Potatoes vested in me, I shall reign supreme and win first place on the next contest...


  3. Thanks Pete, I hope I won the antenna.
    Hey Spud if the we get the prizes reversed I'll mail you the book and you can mail me the Ant.