The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Two Books Giveaway!!!!

American Red Cross First Aid: Responding to Emergencies [Paperback]

  • Paperback: 350 pages

  • Publisher: Year Book Medical Pub (February 1991)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 0801690099

  • ISBN-13: 978-0801690099

  • Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.4 x 0.8 inches

  • Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

  • Standard First Aid and Personal Safety

    by The American National Red Cross(1978)

    ISBN0385058489 / 9780385058483 / 0-385-05848-9
    How to win: Just post a comment about one of your times you had to use First Aid! And then I will pick a name out of the hat. Good luck!


    1. I used to work for Best Buy, I worked in merchandising which meant I spent a lot of time in the warehouse and working with heavy boxes and sharp objects. Since I was the sole female working in that area, and since I was old enough to be most of the other guy's mom, the guys would come to me when they got boo-boos and wanted someone to fix it.

      One of our jobs was to put up the truck when it came in, which meant opening lots of cardboard boxes that were taped. We would use whatever sharp object we had on hand, usually a box knife, hopefully with a new blade, they got dull quite quickly. The only time I EVER got hurt was when they issued "safety" box knives, I was cutting down a big box and had reached inside to finish cutting it apart, one of the guys decided to "help" me, he used his safety box knife on the outside of the box, right where I was cutting on the inside, his blade sliced right through my finger.

      It was a pretty nasty cut, I took care of the problem myself, went to the GeekSquad dept, took a bottle of alcohol, grabbed some medical tape and went to the bathroom to clean the cut. After washing it, I poured on the alcohol (ouch, it burned!), then taped my finger closed. I guess that was the worst injury I personally had.


    2. When a family member injured themselves badly. I'm talking blood gushing and profuse bleeding. Direct pressure would slow it some but something had to be done. I used thread and needle to an ememgency stitching job It was good enough to quinch the bleeding till the one hour drive for official help. I was told the person would have bleed to death until I did my untidy stitching.

    3. have multiple first aid kits all over the doom stead, always travel with a blow out bag, blood stopper bandages, quick colt assorted gauze and pads, etc.
      Have used first aid many times, always glad i had the kits to help.
      carry band-aids in wallet, you never know.

    4. I was by a restaurant two weeks ago and a lady passed out. The group I was with (three of us) provided first aid since the fire engine wouldn't arrive for 45 minutes and the ambulance for an hour. I went out to my truck to get my emergency supplies. When we tried to take her blood pressure the cuff didn't work. It had a hole in it. Very embarrassing moment! Check your supplies! Another comment, it's now being taught that for bleeding you do direct pressure but you don't have to elevate that body part. It's more important to make the person comfortable so if they are more comfortable in some other position then that's how you do it. Just make sure to apply good direct pressure. I don't need the books but figured I'd comment anyway and will post on my site.

    5. Being able to give medical care to myself (and others) is one of my priorities and these books would be of great assistance. Thanks for the chance to add them to my resources.

    6. When I was camping a few years ago my friend brought an oil lantern into his tent. When he stopped breathing I had to give him CPR. Luckily I remembered how and he survived.

    7. The day before Easter my 18 month old son took a header into some shelving I was working on and took a bit of a divot out of his forehead. Like all head wounds it was bleeding pretty good, but a bit of direct pressure and it pretty much stopped enough for me to take him to the ER for a bit of skin glue. It's also good to remember to be calm, if you panic you can make things worse.

    8. I haven't had anything bad happen in years. The last time anything happened that was bad enough to require medical attention was about 6-7 years ago my middle son broke his arm, and then 10 years ago, my oldest son cut his finger off. We've been blessed to not really need a lot of emergency first aid except for those two incidents.

      Back then if there had been any other less severe problems, I was still of a mind set that a doctor had to be seen. I've reconsidered that! For anything less than life threatening, I'd rather take my chances than go to a doctor now.

      I don't have any first aid books. Shame on me! If I don't win the drawing I'm going to look into buying some. I've made a decent first aid kid as far as basics go, but in the event of a 'real' emergency I would come up short. Thanks for the give away, and for the wake up call. :)