The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Friday, January 6, 2012

What Would You Say To These Questions?

What is better to store Food or Gold and silver?

What is better to have Guns and ammo or Pepper spray?

Is it better to Bug out or Stay in place in a city or town?

Will you share your preps with unprepared people?

Do you tell people about your preps? And if you do tell them, do these people know where you live?

What would you do if the people you told about your preps show up to take or steal your stuff will you have the heart or girth to stop them from taking your stuff? Would you be able to shoot or kill friends?

Could you turn away a mother with a baby and no food or water?

If you would help the mother with the baby, what would you do if more and more show up to your home? When would you say, "no I can't help"?

Who do you prep for?

Who are you trying to save or keep alive after the collapse?

Some of the questions have been asked of me from co-workers and friends and some of the questions I just came up with. Post a comment and tell me what you think and how would you answer the questions.


  1. Food.
    Guns and ammo.
    Bug out.
    Anyone who tries to take what is mine will die if they persist.
    Yes, if there is not enough for me and mine.
    See above answer.
    I prep for my immediate family.
    Me and my family.

    I cannot afford to help anyone else, especially if they failed to prepare for themselves. My job is to protect and provide for MY family, and that is precisely what I'm doing. If I had the resources I would put some stuff away to help others, but the fact is that I don't have those resources. Sorry folks, you are on your own.

  2. #1: Food first, then silver rather than gold: silver is a smaller unit, more easily broken down or found as coins, more recognizable.
    #2: guns and ammo: pepper spray is a deferrant, ammo is a deterrant and permanent. Besides, pepper spray is bad-breath range, and all fights aren't that close nor is pepper spray fast as a blade or bullet.
    #3: indeterminate: depends upon personal circumstances. If you're already in the bush, why do you fear the zombie horde? You do have tribe, don't you? If I was in the city, I'd sure find a country place to run to, so bug out is the idea. Small town is probably better/safer than larger community, woods with tribe is best of all.
    #4: No. Reason being, they've had as much warning as I, and I've preached until I'm blue in the face and they laugh. Well, as the expression goes, "He who laffs last laffs best."
    #5: No, I don't talk about them, but I've hinted enough that some probably wonder seriously what do I have? (Everyone knows I'm a 'gun nut' and loaded for bear 24/7, a couple may be somewhat aware of my food stores and other preps.) So, some are curious- some have no idea, and the majority aren't even aware of me. "Gray man rules" is my motto, for the most part. Then there are those who're prepping here as well, coming when TSHTF to 'tribe up'.
    #6: They're toast. I've preached, and that's all the warnng they get. They've been playing games, I'm not. And I ain't shooting bean bags.
    #7: A mother and baby? Sure, I'd send her down the road as fast as a man. If the mother is too proud to drink from the area water supply, she's too proud for me to worry about.
    #8:That's the problem with helping 'only one': the word gets out 'there's a sucker up the road'... and guess what- you're suckered. Eventually, you're out of everything you need and have joined the refugee group you so empathetically helped.
    #9: Myself and my immediate family. (Which means my dogs and cat. My son is the only one welcome to come- he's single- and anyone he drags along is 'adios-g'bye-arevederci, baby'. If my son says then he's gone as well, then don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out- no more than it did the last time you left.) Those who're coming here have their preps ready and know the drill, so no one's going to be shot accidentally.
    And these questions you're being asked are coming from people who are afraid they aren't ready, and won't be, but wish they were. Sure- some are asking just to string you along, test your determination and learn more about your preps and your susceptibility to 'giving to those in need'.
    Being 'Christian' in charity is an excellent way of life and the rewards are tremendous in the afterlife. But even God, and Jesus, have told us to be prepared, to consider the ant who works when the sun shines, compared to the grasshopper who plays when the sun shines. Too, God has given us the example of the virgins and the oil lamps. And we've the example of Joseph and Egypt and Israel. So our preparedness is aimed at our immediate family, the generosity of our hearts being what we can give from our over abundance.
    Well, my take on it anyway.
    Some will say I'm hard- well, so be it: they've got the same ability to read and understand as I, their disobediance isn't my problem, it's theirs. I prep for myself and my family, the rest can fend for themselves.

  3. Beans , Bullets and Bandaids answers the first part of the questions.
    Prepping for myself so that I'm not dependent on someone else.
    The more prepared I am, the less difficult those other questions will be to answer.