The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

OK It's A New Year...... Here We Go!!!!

So a new year and a new start for us to get into gear. I have 20 or more things I have to get done before the summer. I want to be even more ready for the coming collapse with more tools, skills and gear to survive the event of doom. I would like to do this before summer and if I stick to my plan I can get it done, here is my list of things I want to and need to do.

Project List for 1st Six Months of 2012
#1 Get more water
#2 Get 2-4 more 15 gallon water barrels
#3 Build or Buy a solar oven
#4 Get a 2nd Grain Mill ( Because one is none and two is one)
#5 Get a 2nd water filter
#6 Get more water filters for the water filter
#7 Add to my Sanitation stuff, more bags, Enzyme packets, bath wipes, hand wipes, ect......
#8 Add to N 95 mask stock (I would like 100-200 more)
#9 Get a Wonder Clean Washer and Mobile Washer for clean clothes on the go
#10 Add to my LP gas, I need more 1lb and 20 lb(at least 25 more 1 lb and 2-4 20 lb)
#11 Add a 3rd grill, I have a Coleman camp stove and a BBQ but I would like a Volcano II with (LP)
#12 I would like to make 2 five gallon buckets with strike anyplace matches with some Bic's mixed in
#13 I need to add a 2nd heater, a small one that runs on LP gas( I have a heater buddy but want a 2nd)
#14 I need to build a solar panel set up 150 to 250 watts ( this may be an end of the year project)
#15 I need to check and update BOB and car kits, adding new items and removing out of date stuff
#16 Start back with my weekly trip to Goodwill and other 2nd hand stores looking for needed stuff
#17 Add more 5 gallon buckets of food, I need more Grains, beans, Rice and salt
#18 Add more #10 cans of Mountain House foods, Meats, and more Soups and dinners
#19 Work on getting more hand tools, I have to many power tools and in grid down they are no good
#20 Hardware, like nails, wire, bolts, nuts and screws/ stuff to fix and repair needed gear
#21 Take a welding class, I never have been shown the right way so I will learn it!
#22 Spend more time at the shooting range, I will set up a date to shoot every week or two weeks
#23 Buy more Ammo, I plan to buy a box or two every week
#24 Buy a new gun or two
#25 Add to my gun cleaning stuff and buy some more parts for each gun

Ok this is my project list I'm sure I will add to and even drop a few things I always do...
Do you have a project list?
Are you working on it?
I am I got some ammo today and 6 one lb LP tanks today.
Sit down and make a list and work on it.
Get ready for the collapse, because when it's here it will be to late.....
And remember 1 is none and 2 is one!

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