The End Is Near

The End Is Near
2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The World Is Getting More And More Crazy...... So What Do I Do Next?

If you read the blogs and read the real news at the true news sites you can see the world is getting more and more crazy as each day goes by. The police state is here and we live in it! Just try to buy a few items at the Wal-Mart now days, like ammo or LP and you get 20 questions. Maybe not for a small amount but do like me and buy 6 bricks of 22LR, 10 packs of 55gr .223, 6 packs of 12ga 00 Buckshot, 4 packs of 12ga slugs and a case of 1lb LP tanks and pay at the sports Department you will get 20 questions. I asked why so many questions about what I was buying and the answer I got will Kill You!!!!! I was told, " Didn't you see the T.V. ads here at Wal-Mart from Home Land Security, If You See Something Say Something!" I just about died right there in Wal-Mart and then I tole the guy, I was sorry the nanny state had brainwashed him so bad. And with that I walked away and he had the deer in the headlights look as I walked away. Just to be fair this is one guy there are two other in the department who are cool and even will hold a few 22LR bricks for we because I know when there trucks come in and I go on the next day to get any ammo I want.
Today on Alex Jones Jessie Ventura said he tried to buy and surf board in his home state and was told he had to fill out a form to buy it, WHAT? A surf board? He was told any water craft over 9.5 feet long has to be registered in the state. So he gave his Mexico address, LOL to funny. And Alex Jones tried to buy a small Kayak in TX and was told the same thing he had to fill out a form to buy the boat! What, a Kayak is now a boat? Man it's getting crazy when you can't even buy sometime without getting the 20 question deal. What's next, when you go and buy ten 10lbs bags of rice and you fill out a form or when you buy extra LP tank you have a form to fill out? Before long they will track everything we do, hell they do it most of the time now with our debt cards, credit cards, and club cards. The United States is a full blown Police State and anyone that don't see it is just a fool.
So to answer the question, "What Do I Do Next?" the answer is prep!!!! Stock up on everything you need to survive the coming collapse. Be it water, food, ammo/guns, medical supplies, tools, and anything you will need to survive the end of the world as we know it!
Most people do not see the need to prep and most people will never start to prep and the sad truth is when the collapse hits most people will die from the lack of not being ready! And you and I can't fix or change that truth! We have to prep for our families and a few extra people and that is about all we can do, but get out and learn skills and prep like crazy. As you can see the world is getting more and more crazy as the days go by!


  1. That's some scary crap! I hate to think where this is all heading... of course, I believe I know where it will ultimately end up, it's the getting there that is really scary.