The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sentinel Portable Steel Security Case

Was at a local Big Lots today and saw this for $20.00 so I had to get it, turns out to be a great deal. Will hold any one of my handguns. It's a great little gun box and locks in with a steel cord and key lock.

All Steel Security Case to protect your personal belongings such as, Hand Gun, Wallet, Credit Cards, Cell Phone.

The case measures: 9 1/5" L X 6 1/6 W X 1 3/4" H (outside dimensions).

Fits nicely into a briefcase or under a seat in a vehicle and can be secured by cable to the vehicle seat frame.

Can be used for Concealed Weapon Permit Holders during transit.

Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines.

Case is secured with a key coded locking system, two keys are included.

Lined with a foam interior to protect the contents during transit.

Included is a 1500 pound test steel cable to keep the case secure when the cable is looped around any fixed object.and through the slot in the case.

Locking the case keeps the cable in place.

The case is an all steel construction. Nice matte black finish.

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  1. These cases are absolutely fantastic. I've owned two of them for years. I use them in my firearms classes when discussing gun storage and transport (they meet Calif gun case laws). I use them to transport my guns when going to my PM store or when traveling by car. Fits nicely in a briefcase or any suitcase. I've never flown with one - not quite sure how you'd affix your luggage tag to the case.