The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Food Storage For $10-$15 a Week For 52 Weeks

Here’s the list of what to buy each week:

•Week 1: 6 lbs salt.
•Week 2: 5 cans cream of chicken soup.
•Week 3: 20 lbs of sugar.
•Week 4: 8 cans tomato soup.
•Week 5: 50 lbs wheat.
•Week 6: 6 lbs macaroni.
•Week 7: 20 lbs sugar.
•Week 8: 8 cans tuna.
•Week 9: 6 lbs yeast.
•Week 10: 50 lbs wheat.
•Week 11: 8 cans tomato soup.
•Week 12: 20 lbs sugar.
•Week 13: 10 lbs powdered milk.
•Week 14: 7 boxes macaroni & cheese.
•Week 15: 50 lbs wheat.
•Week 16: 5 cans cream of chicken soup .
•Week 17: 1 bottle 500 multi-vitamins.
•Week 18: 10 lbs powdered milk.
•Week 19: 5 cans cream of mushroom soup.
•Week 20: 50 lbs wheat.
•Week 21: 8 cans tomato soup.
•Week 22: 20 lbs sugar.
•Week 23: 8 cans tuna.
•Week 24: 6 lbs shortening.
•Week 25: 50 lbs wheat.
•Week 26: 5 lbs honey.
•Week 27: 10 lbs powdered milk.
•Week 28: 20 lbs sugar.
•Week 29: 5 lbs peanut butter.
•Week 30: 50 lbs wheat.
•Week 31: 7 boxes macaroni & cheese.
•Week 32: 10 lbs powdered milk.
•Week 33: 1 bottle 500 aspirin.
•Week 34: 5 cans cream of chicken soup.
•Week 35: 50 lbs wheat.
•Week 36: 7 boxes macaroni & cheese.
•Week 37: 6 lbs salt.
•Week 38: 20 lbs sugar.
•Week 39: 8 cans tomato soup.
•Week 40: 50 lbs wheat.
•Week 41: 5 cans cream of chicken soup.
•Week 42: 20 lbs sugar.
•Week 43: 1 bottle 500 multi-vitamins.
•Week 44: 8 cans tuna.
•Week 45: 50 lbs wheat.
•Week 46: 6 lbs macaroni.
•Week 47: 20 lbs sugar.
•Week 48: 5 cans cream of mushroom soup.
•Week 49: 5 lbs honey.
•Week 50: 20 lbs sugar.
•Week 51: 8 cans tomato soup.
•Week 52: 50 lbs wheat.

Some weeks you will have leftover change. Instead of spending it, put aside the change each week to be used for the weeks you may need more than $10-$15 (like for wheat, milk, etc). Also be sure to lookout for sales. This way you can jump ahead and cross items off the list where there are great bargains. And use coupons to get good deals and outlet stores.

After you have completed this list, you will end up with:
•500 lbs of wheat.
•180 lbs of sugar.
•40 lbs of powdered milk.
•12 lbs of salt.
•10 lbs of honey.
•5 lbs of peanut butter.
•45 cans of tomato soup.
•15 cans of cream of mushroom soup.
•15 cans of cream of chicken soup.
•24 cans of tuna.
•21 boxes of macaroni & cheese.
•500 aspirin.
•1000 multi-vitamins.
•6 lbs of yeast.
•6 lbs of shortening.
•12 lbs of macaroni.
I calculated that this amount of food has around 1,249,329 calories which based on a 2000 calorie a day diet will provide enough food for two people for 312 days! That’s almost one whole year for two people on $5 a week! Even if the price was double that, at $10-$15 a week you’re only paying around $40-$60/month in grocery bills. Try to beat that…


  1. Honey! I think it is a gimmick. People like it because it's not "sugar". It makes thenm feel more "informed" or "elite" to say honey and makes then feel pedestrian to say "sugar". I am aware that honey was part of the original LDS four but I never use honey. Sugar yes honey no.

    Wheat! Love the idea. It can store for 20 years or 100 years. But does it belong in the same list as canned soup which can store for a few years? Why not flour? Oddly, flour costs less then wheat and it is obviously easier to use. I have wheat, I will probably have it all when I die and give it to my kids who will have it until they die. My flour and rice I use every day.

    Rice! where's the rice? Rice is so practical. I can take a cup of rice and make a meal for 3 or 4 people ready in half an hour. Lets see you do that with wheat. Don't get me wrong, I think wheat makes sense for "long term storage" but I'm hoping I never need to use it. Rice on the other hand makes sense for everyday, for a years storage and for long term storage. And it's cheap.

    Milk! Love it. I drink milk the kids should drink milk but it isn't cheap. I have some stored but it is low on my list of things to add to my storage. It's too expensive.

    Beans! Where's the beans? I love beans. The protein in beans complements the protein in grains. Gotta have beans/lentils.

    Corn! I admit I don't use cornmeal everyday but cornmeal is good eats. Ancient civilizations lived on corn. Corn and beans provide 90% of your required nutrients.

    I hope this sounds more like ideas or suggestions then it does like criticism. I think what you have laid out is good especially for people who have not yet done anything to prepare. Just offerring an opinion.

  2. It is much more manageable when food storage is broken down into smaller increments. It is very overwhelming to try and imagine that you have to go out and but these monstrous quantities and just where would you keep them. This helps make it doable.