The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

What Is Prepping To You?

Do you prep? And if so what is it to you? Do you prep for yourself or do you prep for your family? I prep for me and my family and I'm sure most are the same in the thinking of why they prep. But when the outsiders look at us what do they see? The walking dead see us for fools and crazy people who buy to much food and other supplies. Why do they see us this way? Why are we the fools or the crazy ones? I will tell you what I think about the walking dead and how they see us (preppers) they look at us the way they do because they can't look at themselves and evaluate  the info and news of the world and the economy and apply it to there life. Let me explane what I mean; to the walking dead if you tell them that a collapse is coming in four weeks and the dollar will die and the world will turn upside down there is a group that will take the info and work with it and try to get ready but that is a very small group, even with proof only a small group will care. Why? I will tell you I think it's because most don't want to face the truth that there world is about to turn upside down, and if the shit is about to hit the fan then they can't go see granny or uncle Bob in Stump Water USA and they will never give up the 9-5 with weekends off and the 2.4 kids life on the last house on the left on Joe Blow St. downtown USA. If a collapse is coming then the trip can't happen and if the collapse is coming then the new school year can't happen so because of this way of thinking the walking dead tell themselves if I ignore it then it will go away and never happen. If I just go about my normal day to day tasks it will not hurt me or touch me or my family. And that way of thinking is the reason I call them the Walking Dead!
So again I ask, What is prepping to you?


  1. I have always prepped before it was even called that. My ancestors lived off the land for centuries in Virginia and had to keep enough food stored to survive the winter. It was all about winter, not the country failing because back then the government mostly took care of the defense and didn't micromanage every facet of life. The last 50 years of family history were abnormal in that with cheap easy food, preparing kind of slacked off but we are getting back to the levels before world war 2. Buying a bunch of food is a short term prep, you have to be able to provide food yourself constantly. Some of the rich boy prepping is kind of amusing though it is better than doing nothing if not a bit short sighted.

  2. I prep to be prepared for anything !

    What happened to your promise to regularly post ?
    A stand up Prepper/Survivalist usually can be expected to keep his word also....