The End Is Near

The End Is Near
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Monday, August 13, 2012

How To Build A Log Torch

All you need is a decent sized log that is cut flat on the top and bottom. Basically the log should be about the size of your head, be about 18-24 inches high and be cut flat enough on the bottom that it will stand on its own. It should also be flat on the top so you can place a pot or pan on it without the thing falling over. Next you split the log into six pieces. You can baton it or split it with an ax. Which ever way you split it be sure to watch out for your eyes as metal or wood could fly off and blind you. You don’t need that kind of trouble in the woods. Also, be sure to not cut yourself while splitting the log. Again, who needs that kind of trouble. After the log is split you can either bundle it together loosely with twine, 550 or wet bark strips or you can just balance the whole thing together if the log is big enough. In my example I had a log that was a little small so I just made four sections. For a bigger log you need at least six sections. This allows for greater air flow and for more burning area. Once the log is split and bundled you stand it up on end and set some kindling in the center of the log. The spaces should be about a quarter inch to let the air in and not more than that or the fire will lose heat. Place the kindling towards that bottom quarter of the log and light ‘er up. It doesn’t take long for the log to get going and you’ll notice a very hot and high flame shooting out if the top of the log. Put your pot down and start cookin’. Depending on the size and species of wood, you should get at least an hour out of it. The cool thing about this design is that once your done cooking, you just push over the log and you have a traditional camp fire. There are a few different designs that I have seen based on this idea. Basically, the Swedish Torch is a rocket stove. It concentrates air and heat in a confined area and produces and incredible concentration of energy in the form of fire.

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